Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First School Pictures

(Well, I hope this isn't illegal since they are copyrighted, but since I'm not printing them I don't think it is.) These are the proofs from David Franklin's picture day at school last week. They are his first school pictures taken on his first day! I think they are precious and hilarious all at once. The smiles, and him looking at the camera are great, and I want to learn the photographer's trick. I saw some of the other kid's and they all had big smiles too! Amazing!

Love this, love him, love the background with the fake cherry blossoms and rock, love everything about it. I am definitely buying a package, I have to. I'm getting wallet sizes to, do people even carry pictures in their wallets anymore? I just can't decide between Pose 1 or Pose 2....

Pose 1: (thinking this is my favorite)

Pose 2:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Tough Razorback Loss

It was a gorgeous day and weekend in Fayetteville and we were all SO happy to be there to watch the #1 team in the nation, Alabama, take on the #10 ranked team, Arkansas. We knew it would be a battle, and we almost had it won, but a hard 4th quarter ended up in a heartbreaking loss and an Alabama victory. I usually don't get so sad about Hog losses, but this one got me!

We had so much fun with Meme and Grandpa and Pops and Lelly and Jack and DF LOVED the football game and has been walking around with his Pom Pom saying "Go Hog Go!" He also got a Big Red book and wants to read it over and over again! The only thing he was disappointed about and couldn't seem to understand was not getting to go down to the field :) Thanks Meme and Grandpa for such a fun Fayetteville weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

St. Luke's School

Today is David Franklin's second day at his new pre-school! I didn't take pictures on his first because it was school picture day, and so they took care of that for me :)
He is in the 2 year old class (we are fudging a couple weeks) and attends on Tuesday and Thursdays. We are thrilled about St. Luke's because they have a very impressive curriculum, and the teachers seems very nice and loving. He has lots of friends in his class and he had a great report on his first day! Avery McBride is in his class and the teacher said that they had their mats beside each other and took their naps together. So cute and so sweet!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

County Fair

We met the Herndon's at the Garland County Fair this week and it was an adventure! We went early and didn't stay long, but we got to see farm animals and tractors (which are currently DF's FAVORITE things), ride a few kiddie rides, and play a few kiddie games, and do some great people watching. We got totally ripped off, and took a bath immediately when we got home, but we had good lemonade, and pizza and David Franklin had a blast!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mama's 30!

Beautiful sunset to a beautiful day, and my 20s.

I turned the dirty thirty yesterday, but as much hype goes into it.... It wasn't bad, in fact, it was a very happy birthday! One of my students said, you can't be 30, you look too happy. I took that as a compliment. I just kept remembering the Friends episode when Rachel turns 30 and is devastated by it. Yes, it sounds old. Yes, my body can't quite keep up like it used to, but the truth is, I sort of don't care. Which is what I hear the 30s are all about, less drama, less worry about the little things, more confidence, and feeling better in your own skin. Bring on the wrinkles and arthritis- ok, maybe I got a little carried away.

Although 30 does feel much different than say....20 or even 25, I am liking the 30s so far. When people asked if I felt older... not older than yesterday, I was doing the same thing. But looking back 5-10 years, yes, I feel older!

My birthday was a "fabulous" day and I feel very loved and happy! Thanks to my wonderful family and friends who make my life (everyday) so special! Especially this little man who said happy birthday to everyone all day long and carried in my present that was almost bigger than him..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soak it up

I've been really bad about taking pictures lately and have felt so busy and stretched thin by life these days. I was reminded to enjoy the simple things this morning by my son...

I gave DF his cereal and went to pull clothes out for me to put on because I had a parent meeting at David Franklin's new preschool he is going to be starting soon, St. Luke's.

I thought he was eating his cereal with his hands/making a mess, the usual, but then I heard the door beep and he ran outside on the deck into the rain! My first instinct was to pull him back in before he got all wet, but then I remembered how much fun it is to play in the rain and be a kid and I stopped myself. It's the simple things in life that are important, like tasting the rain unexpectedly, jumping up and down in your soggy pajamas and being totally mesmerized by the sky. Not running from meeting to meeting, event to event, and missing the moment.

I watched my son in his innocence experience pure joy from the rain, and although I watched safe and dry from inside, I soaked it up as much as he did.