Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

1st haircut

My cousin Mary gave DF his first haircut today! I was really trying to wait until he was 2, but it was getting into his eyes and it was time. I was such an annoying helicopter mom, totally hovering, but I couldn't stop myself. I was so scared my baby was going to get scalped and after about 5 snips- I told her that was good. How awful am I?! Thankfully she wasn't offended (another reason I chose her to do the honors;) and it was over. He didn't cry, but he said "no like it" several times. He got a sucker afterward, he looks super cute, (no different really), and we are all happy :)

I saved the hair of course for his baby book. I was planning to give some to the grandmothers too, but there truly isn't enough! Hopefully next time, I will have greater control and actually let her cut something.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Golf with Grandpa

...and Meme, and Mama and Dada. David Franklin and his Daddy and Grandpa had a golf game tonight- and Meme and I tagged along. It was actually cool enough to be a lot of fun outside, but the most fun was watching these three "pay goff." Three generations of Bass men, sharing one of all three of their favorite activities together.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the mend

Our patient is home and is pretty groggy, but seems to be just fine.
We got word that her blood work is clear which was wonderful news, and
we will wait for the results of the masses. She has two big shaved
spots and stitches so keeping DF away from those is our biggest
challenge right now. Just wanted to give a little update :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday the 13th

We had a real Friday the 13th I'm afraid, and I'm very happy today is Sunday the 15th! It's a special day because it's Uncle Jason and Aunt YaYa's one year anniversary, so that is exciting.

On our Friday the 13th, our air conditioning went out at our house and condo, David Franklin got his first wasp sting, and I took Bella, our beloved beagle, to the vet for her shots because she was overdue. It is never easy for me to take a baby and a dog to the vet by myself and I was broken out in a sweat trying to keep DF from eating the dog treats, sticking his hands in the fish tank, and getting pummeled by another (not so friendly) dog that he ran up to greet. I finally made it back to the examination room and where they found 2 cancerous tumors that need to come out. I broke down in tears and felt like I was in Marley and Me, watching my son push his tractor up the walls, oblivious to this horrible news. I know she is just a dog, but we really love her, and it was a just a really bad day.

They think she will be fine after the short surgery to remove the tumors, that is scheduled for Tuesday, which is great news. We love our doggie so much and it seems like David Franklin has even grown in his affection for her. He follows her around everywhere laying on her, kissing her, and hugging her. If he's up in the bed, he says "Bella up, too." If he's in the bathtub, he says "Bella bath, too". First thing in the morning, he says "See Bella" and she is his very best friend. She is a wonderful dog and we love her, dearly.

The good news, the AC at home is working and is better at the condo. The wasp sting was no biggie and he got over it in 5 minutes with a little extra TLC and a Popsicle. We have had a nice weekend and gotten some great time together before school starts next week. I go back to teaching my two classes and DF goes back to First Methodist which will be good for both of us. Bella will have her surgery, and should have a big week too, but hopefully it will be smooth and she will be good as new in no time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

DRJII Tennis Tournament

As always, a big THANK YOU to all who came out to the DRJII tournament and played tennis in this heat! Also to the boys who put on the after party. You guys are wonderful friends and show how friendship can really go on forever and ever. I have learned a lot from you guys, I love you all, mean it.