Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bahamian Vacay

One of the highlights for me!!

He was such a little flirt and the girls loved him for it!

Amazing waterfall in one of the pools

Savoring the last bit of his ice cream sandwich

The sweetest sandy toes I've ever known

View from our balcony

(sorry for all of the pics, I couldn't help myself)

We are home from a glorious time in the Bahamas. It was our first "family vacation" in the sense of it being only us 3, going away to relax and have no other agenda. This time together was so special, and I don't think I will ever forget it. We turned our phones off so we wouldn't get charged $2 for every email or text we got and that was a hard, but smart choice. I have especially gotten too tight with my iphone lately, and it was time to break up. It was nice just being with each other without distractions or interruptions.

We loved the water, maybe the clearest I've ever seen. It was shallow, no seaweed, no jellyfish, warm and super calm. There were free rafts, kayaks, paddle boats, and snorkeling masks that we used several times. No need for a snorkeling excursion because you could just wear the mask and walk out to some rocks, and see gorgeous fish right there. We made lots of sand castles and looked for sea shells. But mostly we would wade, literally just sitting in the water, for hours every afternoon/evening until it was time to go to dinner. The waves were so calm and little that David Franklin was never afraid and got pretty brave, going into the water and walking out pretty far by the end of the week. It never got deeper than waist deep...ever. We didn't walk to the next island or anything, but Franklin thinks we could have, and touched the bottom the whole way. We spent much more time in the ocean than the pool, much to my surprise and enjoyment.

We got lots of rest. We went to bed early, and woke up early. (DF in the same room will do that). Franklin took it upon himself, very willingly, to go in for nap time everyday with DF. I offered to take turns, but Franklin wanted to go and would fall asleep too. I would just lay on the beach and read. It was wonderful. We both read multiple books, ate good fresh seafood, I got to swim with dolphins, we went to an aquarium, went downtown in Nassau and ate, shopped, etc. We drank Bahamian beer and Bahama Mama's, split an ice cream sandwich after almost every meal except breakfast, and just soaked up the sun and being together.

Franklin and David Franklin are pretty much attached at the hip after this week together, and it's the cutest thing! Vacation... it does a family GOOD!

Monday, July 19, 2010


I love the summertime when it stays light outside for longer, and we
can all play after Franklin gets home from work! Tonight we piled in
Pap's truck, went to King Kone, and the park.... Perfect summer evening!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gardens with Friends

So this happened a VERY long time ago, but I just got the pictures. At the beginning of summer serveral of us from music class decided to go for an impromptu outing to Garvan Gardens. It ended up being one of my favorite actities we have done this summer. After we fed the fish, and walked the trails, we went up and ordered lunch and watched a great, life- like toy train run over the tracks. It was a really fun morning for the kiddos and the mamas!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Mom with old Hollywood star, Ruta Lee. Jason and Lauren rent from her in Hollywood Hills

At gorgeous UCLA campus

Farmer's Market Petting Zoo

At a "kid friendly" wine tasting room

Outside the Hotel Oceana in Santa Barbara

A little playground action on the beach, in his diaper!

David Franklin, Mammers and I just got home from a great visit to California to visit my brother and sister-in-law for a long weekend. Or as DF calls them "Unckie Jase and YaYa." Sadly, Franklin couldn't join us but as he always says, "somebody's gotta work." It's true and we are thankful, but we missed him!

I'm really going to simplify the trip but we flew to LA on Thursday. Jason and Lauren live in the Hollywood Hills in a great place that they rent from an old Hollywood star, Ruta Lee and her husband. We got to meet Miss Ruta and that was a big highlight for Mammers! We hung out at their place, went to Santa Barbra for the day/night. What a gorgeous place that is, although the water is COLD!! (I'm used to the bathwater temps of Lake Hamilton) We were busy there and then went up to Solvang which is in the movie, Sideways, and has lots of little tasting rooms and is super cool. We came back to Hollywood and went to the Studio City Farmer's Market on Sunday morning. The organic fruit was delicious, and they had a big petting zoo, pony rides, bounce houses, train rides and more. That was a huge hit for DFB. Then we went to lunch in Beverly Hills, and visited UCLA, where Jason is getting his PhD and teaching. UCLA is amazingly beautiful and looks like a movie set itself!

We ate great food, saw gorgeous country, and very most of all, enjoyed being with family!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Afternoon

This is a re-enactment, he actually went potty with his diaper off :)

We had a BIG afternoon today.

First of all, David Franklin had his very first potty action!! He has sat on a potty many times before but with no success. Today, was a different story, and it wasn't tee tee either!! I was stunned. He got some M&Ms so he was absolutely thrilled. Although he doesn't seem to understand that he only gets them after he goes on the potty, and has been repeatedly asking for "chocolate!"

Next, Meme and Big Robbie came to visit and play! What fun! We want them to come and play everyday!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Weekend

Multiple cookouts, boat rides, swims in the lake, pool, river, first times down a slip and slide, and good times with many of our friends and family- this holdiay weekend has worn us all out! Early bedtimes for the Bass Family tonight.
Happy birthday, America! We are so thankful to live where we do and proud to be Americans.