Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fayetteville weekend

David Franklin had a horrible case tonsillitis a couple weeks ago and it was making him vomit and have fever. He was sick as a dog. It was pitiful, but he was so calm and snugly and I loved getting to love up on him so much. It was a hard couple of days, but we had visit planned in Fayetteville that weekend and really wanted to make it. He got cleared by the doctor to go, his antibiotics were kicking in and we were happy about that, and went on up the hill.

Franklin and I got to go to the Bearden/Bittle nuptials on Saturday night. It was a small, intimate, laid back ceremony. We had a great time and so did David Franklin. He got to play with Jack, Lelly and Pops and he had big fun! On Sunday morning before we left, we all took a long walk down their street to the pond and field. Jack got to show DF all of the cool things down there. A big rock, the flowers that they rolled in and destroyed, but the hit was the "slimy stuff". Jack said to him, "I want to show you the slimy stuff, you will love it." (That is a quote) And he was certainly right! DF, or "woobs" as Jack calls him, cried when we had to leave the slimy stuff. They are so cute together! Jack is adorable and I'm sure he says this to everyone, but as we were leaving he said "I miss you already." So so sweet.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cause every girl crazy


Kristin Hollensworth (who is so talented) took this of David Franklin as a ring bearer in Anna and Drew's wedding. She has more but I don't have those yet. He looked so stinking cute. Man-o-man...those suspenders!

He did great. He bolted down the aisle and went straight up to me standing at the front of the church with the other bridesmaids. I snuck away and handed him over to Grampe. He did fine, but spotted his daddy standing with the groomsmen. Then started shouting Dada, Dada, over and over so Grampe, Meme and DF excused themselves and didn't make if for much of the ceremony. DF got to spend the night with them and even make his first trip to First Baptist Church in Arkadelphia. I think he had a big time making the rounds with his grandpa. Thank you Meme and Grampe for all of your help!

Wine Country

Franklin worked magic and reworked our flight and arrangements to still make it out to California for Mitch and Alecia's wedding in Sonoma last weekend. They are dear friends and we really wanted to be there on their big day! It was gorgeous country and an even more beautiful wedding.

Mitch was so happy and absolutely taken by his bride. We are grateful that we got to be there and enjoyed the little time away. DFB had a big time with his Meme and Grandpa.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, my Pap-paw has finished his race here on Earth. He has gone to be with our Heavenly Father and his sweetheart, my Mam-maw. Although we are deeply saddened by his loss, we have great peace in knowing he is pain free and with his Maker.

We knew the end was near, and David Franklin and I got to be with him hours before and I got to say my goodbyes. He was unconscious but we think he could still hear every word.

My Pap-paw had a very special place in my heart and I've never known a kinder, finer man. I'm grateful that DF got this time with him and they got to become such "buddy"s. (Buddy is the name my Pap-paw went by and sums up how everyone has felt about him since he was born in 1926). I have pictures from yesterday of both of them, but pap is in such bad shape I don't want to post them.

This is what was hanging right by his bed that Franklin and David Franklin colored for him one day.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The links

We had a BIG weekend this weekend. It was Anna and Drew's wedding and it was amazing. They are such a special couple to us and we had so much fun! We were all a part of the wedding and felt honored to be, but David Franklin was a ring bearer and that was the most exciting thing to us. He was the star of the show, and was precious as he bolted (ran) down the aisle. I am waiting to get the pictures back from the wedding photographer, but I can tell you...he was ADORABLE!

Last night after we rested for most of the day, we headed up to the club for a little golf outing. We met the Herndons and the Greens. Ashton Herndon is 2 months older than DF. David Franklin calls him Ashes and they had a big time playing in the sand traps (shh), blowing the dandelions, and hitting balls with the play clubs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had such a nice Easter this year. We woke up and the Easter Bunny had been to our house! He left lots of goodies so we had plenty of chocolate before church even started. We went to the early service and it was very moving. It took the focus off of bunnies and eggs for a little while, and reminded us aobut the ultimate gift of life that was given to us through the resurection. I have learned so much about God's love as a new mother. John 3:16 just has new meaning as a mother of an only son. The music was fantastic, and they sang Oh Happy Day which always makes me smile because it reminds me of my wedding. Our anniversary just happens to be this week too!

After church we went to Meme and Grampe's house at the lake for lunch and festivities. The Vaughts were there and Mammers was invited too. (David Franklin has changed my mom's name from Gammers to Mammers. Apparently he doesn't care for the G). We had a great lunch, egg hunt, and the main event- a pinata. A pinata is tradition from my childhood. I spent many Easters in Glenwood wacking away at a pinata and it proves to be a hit for this generation too. The kids LOVED it!

It's all pretty much a mystery for DFB this year, but he figured out pretty quickly that the eggs had candy in them and he really liked that. He would see an egg and say "PEEAS"!.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

18 Months Old!!

My baby is a year and a 1/2! How did this happen?

We woke up this morning and replaced our plants that didn't survive the winter and we knew a little helper who would love everything about this activity. He loves to play in dirt and be outside but mostly he loves to help. And boy did he "hep", and love the DIRT!

David Franklin's new tricks:

-When he sees pictures of himself he says "baby"
-Can say his last name, but gets confused at bath time and stands by the tub saying Bass.
-Loves tools, balls, is peppered with little bruises on his shins...he's all boy!
-He loves to flush the toilet over and over again (occupied or empty)
-He grabs the remote and says "Daddy's" he grabs the phone and says "Mommy's"
-He wants his warm "muck" first thing every morning.
-He's gotten VERY attached to his blanket or "ni-ni" and really wants to take it everywhere
-He's constantly saying "Up Pease" over and over and has even started doing it from his crib in the morning.
-LOVES being "outsiii" with his daddy and picking up sticks, dirt, etc.
-Waves, high fives, says bye-bye and Hiii to everyone.
-Constantly moving.
-Still no haircut, Franklin says he needs one but I can't do it yet.
-Always wants to eat, but really wants what is one everyone else's plate. Even if it is the exact same.
-Developing a pretty big sweet tooth and really likes cookies
-Takes 2 naps a day when we are home and really does better with 2, on the days he only takes one, those evenings can get pretty rough
-Thumb comes out a little less
-Still good sleeper at night about 11 hours.
-His personality and free will are really starting to come out and will say "no" if he doesn't want to do something. We haven't started any fits or discipline problems yet, thank heavens!
-Loving Peek-a-boo and does it all the time, when he puts his shirt on in the When he comes around a! He thinks it's so funny and it is.
-He's very sweet and loves to hug and kiss.
-About 27 lb. and 31 inches long- he's getting pretty tall.
-2 new teeth have just come through and a few others are close behind, cutting lots of new teeth. It does seem to bother him, but minimally.
-Still loves music and dancing
-Calls most shapes circle
-Basically repeats the last word you say in a sentence, Me: "David Franklin, are you ready to eat?" DF: "Eat." "What would you like, grill cheese?" "Cheese."

We love this boy so much and are so proud of him and the little person he is becoming!!