Thursday, February 25, 2010


David Franklin has been going outside with his daddy lately and picking up sticks or "icks." He tries to double up and often has several sticks in each hand. His new favorite toy is pretty cheap, and they sure are easy to come by in our back yard. So play on!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Story time

Meme came to play and and we thought about going to the park but it was pretty windy and after yesterday's trip...I wasn't up for it. Until we can go with Dada and have some practice with STOP, I'm not going alone. We met half the town at the park yesterday afternoon, I think we were all just so excited to see sunshine we didn't know what to do! It was nice being out but exhausting because DF doesn't undersand why he can't take off running into the pond, partking lot, down the hill, etc....

We decided storytime would be best for today and Meme read book after book and sang songs and they had a big time!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Funny Valentine

Kim, James, and Adalie met us last week to make Valentine's with some residents at a local nursing home. It happens to be the one where Pap is getting his rehab, but he didn't come and participate in the fun. It was only ladies, and they really Ohhhed and Awwwed over the kids. I think they really enjoyed it and I'm glad we went.

Day-Fray has learned some new and interesting tricks. First of all, he now runs in place. I think he picked it up from me after watching me work out on the wii, but we aren't really sure. He does it when he gets excited and it's hilarious! He looks like he's doing defense drills. Franklin says "How fast can you move your feet?" and he gets going!

He also has started a new face which he seems to show a lot when he hears "no" so I think it's his pouty face but we are seeing it more and more often. It's also pretty funny (and a little weird)....

We still get mostly this...

And a whole lot of this- with the thumb. When he gets nervous around new people or places, in the thumb goes. He is never rude though and always waves with the fingers outside of his mouth, but just doesn't want to let go of the thumb.

He got some trucks for Valentines from us, which he likes. Gammers (or what DF can say "GaGa") gift has been the biggest hit. A tiger broom that sings and so we have been doing a lot of sweeping and dancing around here. The tune is actually very catchy so we end up all three dancing. He wants to sweep his toys, his high chair, everything!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Please pray

There was a small plane crash on Saturday that killed 4 people from Hot Springs. They were on their way to the Razorback basketball game. A doctor, Edward Cooper, who was the pilot and his two daughters, Libby 14, and Catie,16 were killed along with another dentist in town, Martin Draper. These girls were precious and the magnitude of this loss is immeasurable. Please keep Cheryl and her son, EP who is a
freshman at the UofA, in your prayers as they have such excruciating
days ahead. The whole town is absolutely heartbroken for these families.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On my heart

We are now in February, the love month! I'm glad about this. Although January is Franklin's birthday month and one that deserves celebration, it is also an anniversary month for me of the loss of my brother. For the most part this blog is intended to be a light-hearted documentation of my little life and family featuring the star and main attraction, David Franklin. I am only writing this because I don't want to appear oblivious to my blessings and to others in the world and in our lives who are in great pain and suffering. Those experiencing great devastation in Haiti, those who have experienced the loss of a child, parent, or loved one, or who are going through other personal trials.
I am personally out of the acute cloud of pain now, thankfully. But I'm not too far out from under it to have forgotten that state of brokenness. I still feel extreme sadness over the loss my family has experienced and the hole is (and will forever be) gaping wide. I was brokenhearted and depressed and felt an actual and literal ache in my chest, (which still creeps up time to time) and I only want to say... to the many who are hurting and going through difficult times, You are not forgotten or forsaken. You truly are in my prayers and on my heart. May God bless you and hold you tight. His love endures forever. (Even longer than the pain)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Blog Make Over

Too bad it's just a blog make-over and not a beauty one for me in real life. I need a change but don't want to cut my hair so I'm out of ideas. Not to mention all of my spare change has been going to home projects and I still have lots of those I want to get to so my closet has taken a hit. Oh well, choices.
I thought it was time for a blog makeover and I took the music off- I know some of you will be happy about that change ;) I was always turning it down and although I love music playing, I usually have it on already at home.

Unfortunately there are no new pictures of DFB today. He has still been battling his sickness and we have just been laying low. Poor thing couldn't breathe through his nose last night and couldn't suck his thumb to comfort himself (and breathe through his mouth at the same time) so it was a long night for us all. I'm hoping he feels better soon! We also had a little bit of a rough Monday. He was playing with a tiny pottery heart that he got out of the bottom of my drawer this morning, Effie, you gave it to me if you remember....anyway I heard what sounded like broken glass on the tile and sure enough, it was. He cut his little finger and blood was truly everywhere. It wasn't a deep cut but the blood kept coming! I felt so bad. It wouldn't clot and stop for the longest time. It ended up all over us both, the floor, his blankets and his bed. He wasn't crying, it didn't seem to hurt him at all, but he didn't want me cleaning it or trying to stop the bleeding and put up a big fight.
He is being really funny though. He loves getting into the tightest spaces. He laid down in the laundry basket (with dirty clothes) and was going to sleep in there! He actually sat and folded his legs into a frying pan tonight....I've never seen him sit Indian style and in a frying pan was hilarious! He gets into the drawer under the oven- not safe, but he can pull it out and in he goes. I guess it's both lucky and unlucky that the oven is rarely on and hot :) He tries to repeat almost everything you say and even has chimed in on saying Amen after prayers. When he hears the door open, he automatically says "Dada" and runs circles around the house for fun. I wish I had the energy!!