Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ear Infection #3

One more, and we are being sent to the Principal's office...the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. I took DF to the doc this morning to check on his old double ear infection from 2 weeks ago. They checked his ears, both still very red. Throat, red. Temp, 102. I didn't realize he was running a temp but I had suspected his medicine wasn't kicking it with the ears... They did a flu test and I was panicked.

On our way to the doctor this morning, we stopped by a neighbor's house for a last minute play group. The moms were baking cookies and the boys were just playing with each other. There were 5 boys all under the age of 2 1/2 playing (sharing the same toys, and for David Franklin that means putting them all in his mouth). Most of this discussion was the hot topic of whether to get the H1N1 vaccine or not. Flu season, etc. There were 6 mommies there and 2 are expecting and very nervous about getting sick...rightfully so!

I sat in that waiting room thinking about all of the phone calls I would have to make after exposing them to the flu but thankfully- it's just the ears causing all of this! I obviously didn't realize he was running a fever or I wouldn't have stopped by.

After we got home his fever was still not breaking, so he got a treat. His first full pop ice! What a little trooper. I hope he feels better soon. I'm sorry about his ears but so glad we escaped the flu...crossing my fingers and praying. I know we aren't through the woods yet.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hear me ROAR!!!

This weekend we hung out with friends and took it easy...which was a change of pace for us and really nice! We watched the (very sad) Razorback game on Saturday and got started with our first Halloween celebration tonight!! It's going to be such a fun week. I know this is Halloween #2 for DFB, but he was 3 weeks old last year so this is going to be different. I know he's still young though.

On Saturday, Bentley and Sam came over to play with DF, and their parents came to play with us :) We just hung around all day and ate, and ate, and were super lazy.

Tonight was the Fall Festival at David Franklin's school. There were so many cute kids and costumes. We worked hard for these pictures with Kate and this is one of the best. He is a lion and we have been trying to teach him to ROAR. It's pretty funny when he does it which has only been a few times. It's basically a low grumbly, ahhhh. He sure is a cute lion, but he isn't a fan of his big mane and tries to pull it off constantly. That is going to be a challenge, which I knew but couldn't resist. I want to dress up too. I think it would be cute if I was a tiger and Franklin was a bear. Lions, tigers, and bears...Oh my! Franklin is pretty hesitant and has only agreed to wear a Baylor sweatshirt and count that as a "bear." Maybe I can at least talk him into some ears. We'll see.

After the festival tonight, we were walking to the car and Franklin said so sincerely and so casually...."I love being a parent." I just thought that was so sweet.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Head

DF and I are trying to go to a local pumpkin patch with his buddy, James. We've been rained out and haven't rescheduled yet. Hopefully we will find a time, but just in case, he and I went to a little pumpkin patch in town. Ok, it's not really a pumpkin patch at all. It's basically a lot with pumpkins dumped on it. It's pitiful but it's the best we could do for now.

David Franklin had fun though and tried to pick a few of them up (unsuccessfully), and even ride a couple (successfully)... He was totally confused with what he was supposed to do with these things!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nostalgic Friday

Mr. Mac

Miss Caroline

Madelyn and the Jr. High Cheerleaders

Lady Ram Volleyball- Holla! :)

Miss Lyndon Lee

Yesterday was LHS Homecoming and it brought back a big ole dose of nostalgia for me. Lyndon was a sophomore maid and so I went watch her. I have pictures of me holding her as a baby in my homecoming dress, so it was just crazy to see her all dressed up and looking so big and so beautiful. Not to mention Caroline who is one of my best friend's, Helen, little sister. She is a senior this year and gorgeous and I remember when she was born.

I was feeling so many feelings being there yesterday. It was exciting I was remembering how it felt when I was in school and it was Homecoming week. I was thinking of the future, and David Franklin going to Lakeside. I was also mostly feeling very OLD! There are lots of differences between how it was then and now! Our dresses were not nearly as fancy and pretty. There was a parade now that we didn't have. We sat on the back of my car and watched at the Middle School (which also wasn't there when I was in school). I saw so many old teachers and familiar faces. One of my very favorite teachers from Jr. High, Mr. Mac. in particular. He was my Pre-Algebra teacher and math is by far my worst subject so go figure. He got tears when he met David Franklin and asked if he could hold him. It was so sweet!! He asked me how old I was now (again with the old thing) and said, these kids aren't as much fun as your group. He said it's just different. I thought he was just saying that- like every teacher says your class is their favorite, but Abby said an old coach told her the same thing at the pep rally. The looks of the school sure have changed- it was like Lakeside has become a University!! They "tailgate" now and everything.

It was such a fun afternoon being there. I know many people hated high school and don't have fond memories that I do, but it high school holds some of my most dear memories. I had a GREAT group of friends and strong friendships, most of which are still strong today. I know we are very lucky for that.

I never thought growing up, in college or even after college that I would live in Hot Springs again or that my kids would go to Lakeside. But life's path just lead the way here. There are some things that aren't my favorite about "moving back home again". But there is a history here, and some really special things come along with that, which continues to surprise me.

I'm afraid all of this nostalgia probably can't only be attributed to the Homecoming parade. My mom is cleaning out her storage building and garage and she is giving boxes of my old keepsakes to me. Tubs of old pictures (of my first birthday) and my old art projects, and toys and awards, blankets, notes, etc. It has been quite a trip down memory lane for me with with a mixture of happy and sad feelings. David is just such a part of who I am, and I miss him terribly. But it's strange because- with every tear, there is a smile, and with every bit of sadness there is hope and joy. God's love endures.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Well Child' Visit

My sick baby- can't you tell?!

Today was David Franklin's "12 month Well Child" visit. We learned that developmentally he is right on track. Here are his stats:

Weight- 23 lb. 10 oz.
Height- 30 inches
Head- 45 3/4 cm

They were pleased with his growth and he was above the 50% in both weight and height.

We also found out that he is anemic. I have been trying to wean off of formula on to Whole Milk at his 1st year birthday, but back on to formula we go. I heard there is no nutritional benefit to formula after 1 year. I don't believe that anymore!! She suggested we move to the 'Next Step' Enfamil which has 34% more iron than cow's milk.

I also learned while we were there that David Franklin has a double ear infection! No fever, (in fact his temp was 97.8), no ear pulling, no fussiness, so I was very surprised. He has been a little needier and pretty clingy lately. He's actually in my lap right now throwing everything out of my desk drawer but it hasn't been that much of a difference. He always is my little shadow and I don't mind it.

He got his shots today and the seasonal flu shot. 4 shots total, which I hate. I have heard mixed reviews on the H1N1 vaccine, but I think I'm going to pass on it for him this year. I don't like all of these vaccinations and I'm very leery. I have asked numerous doctors about them and done some research of my own. I have decided in trusting my Doctors and pediatric research and doing as they say. All mixed in with a healthy dose of prayer, of course. He has four band aids on his thighs and he screamed a gut wrenching cry when they poked him. So much so that I teared up too, and I haven't done that since the first time!

Rough day at the doctor for a "well child" but we are so grateful that he is growing and right on track.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanks Chris!!!

I didn't realize until late last night that it was Columbus Day and Franklin had the day off today! It has been so nice having him home with us and such a treat. He even got to join us in music class this morning. We've had such a lazy day. We went to chick-fil-a after music, got caught up on little things around the house, watched movies on HBO, I read my book (which I have almost finished- The Time Traveller's Wife), and DF and F even squeezed in 2 naps.

I opened my fridge to think about dinner tonight and David Franklin just climbed right in. He usually likes to pull salad dressing out of the drawers but tonight I guess I was taking so long (because the fridge was so empty) that he just climbed on in. He got comfy at one point and crossed his little feet at the ankles. Hilarious! Thanks Columbus. First and foremost, for sailing the ocean blue, but also for giving us our family day today!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last B-day Party

We had a blast in Fayetteville this weekend. Cupcakes from Rick's just can't be beat and DF ate every bite at his last birthday party! It was so cute and didn't feel like very long ago we were doing the same thing with Jack, probably because it wasn't!!

The game was great (winning is pretty fun), so was tailgating, and shopping with Grands is even better. Especially when she insists on buying you something, and you can't leave the store until she has! I love being with my Grands Ellen. She is SO much fun. She also insists on more wine and telling you how much she loves you and how beautiful you are. She doesn't only do this with her family, perfect strangers get told how gorgeous they are too. She is the greatest!!! We both cried today when we said goodbye. This is something that has happened as long as I can remember. You would think it would have stopped by now, but once she starts in, I do too.
We're worn out from all of this birthday fun! Now we need sugar detox...all of us. I have eaten birthday cake everyday this week, sometimes more than once which has to stop!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Party #3

Sweet Kate Van Bebber

Just happy as can be his parents are in his class

DF's crush, Rowan. (Just as I thought, definitely not mutual)

This afternoon I brought oatmeal raisin cookies to DF's class for his birthday during snack time. (I know cookies aren't great, but at least oatmeal raisin has some nutritional value). The kids loved them and some were even trying to crawl under the table for scraps... Kate especially loved her cookies and was sad when snack time was over!

It was by far the shortest and least lively party so far. The kids just sat in their little chairs and had their snack. They all watched us (Franklin came down for a bit too) like hawks at first. At one point almost every pair of little eyes was on us trying to figure out who we were and what we were doing there. David Franklin smiled and kicked, and even laughed all through his snack. I think he was so happy his parents were in his class with him. (He was the only one who who was in on it, and knew who these new characters were).

I brought him home afterwards, and he took a long nap. He's still asleep actually, so I got a little snooze myself which was SO nice on this yucky, rainy day!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Parties

My pap-paw says when there is a birthday it isn't just a day, it's a birthday month so we are following suit. DF is going to have about 4 "parties". He had 2 yesterday. My mom's group of girlfriends are a lot like the YaYa's (with less booze and mental illness) although some may debate that! :) They all love DF and wanted to get together so my mom had her very own "Grandmother's party" for brunch. Her party favors were reading glasses and she thought that was hilarious! I must say, they were a big hit!

Last night, we had a Razorback party at our house. We watched the game, ate pizza and cake, and played. DF got so many new fun toys and nice gifts! I was overwhelmed actually. Not only by how generous everyone was, but where I'm going to put everything. It's a toy explosion at our house!! We got him a cozy coup. I had one when I was little and have so many memories with it. This made me feel old because it's the 30th Anniversary Edition. Franklin had so much fun putting it together, Christmas is going to be a blast!!

I know DF's too young to really get the birthday thing, but when everyone sang happy birthday to him, he just beamed. He was so pleased that everyone was singing to him and that makes it all worth it! He loved his cake, but we had to take it away eventually. He pinched off pieces and was a very polite eater so it was taking forever. I also didn't want him to get sick, but the icing was a big hit!

I am going to take cookies to his class on Tuesday so that will be fun. Next weekend is his last celebration in Fayetteville, with the Johnsons and Grands Ellen. What a lucky little guy he is!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Day-Fray!!

So I have been wondering why this first birthday has been affecting me so much and it just hit me. It is because this is the only time I have been an integral part in some one's birthday. His real birth-day. Not just giving gifts, singing a song or attending a party. I gave birth to this baby one year ago and it's been the biggest miracle of my life. I am part of this story. I guess I've never thought about a birthday as being a story. I'm sure as the years pass, I will feel less and less like this and the memory will fade. Which is a good thing. It's his birthday and it's not about me, but now, 1 year ago seems like yesterday. I remember my nerves, fears, and the excitement I felt awaiting his arrival. I remember that night before I checked into the hospital. I remember Franklin being so calm and so organized and yet so antsy and anxious. I remember the nurses, the hospital room, and every detail so vividly. One year ago today, we met our son for the first time and changed forever at 1:13pm. I remember the doctor saying, "Whoa, he's big!" We've heard that almost everyday since. I remember immediately being overwhelmed with a sense of relief, awe, amazement, and gratitude. I remember praying and praying and praying, I truly couldn't stop praying thanking the good Lord for this healthy baby in my arms. We have continued to pray for you, David Franklin. We pray the same prayer every night and have since you were born. After we rock you and put you down, your daddy continues to pray. These prayers vary from praying for a good night's sleep to your future spouse, to your friends and family, your future, not getting the swine flu, etc. Prayer has been something that has been constant since the you were conceived. God has blessed our socks off with you and we are so absolutely honored He chose us as your parents.

I wonder if all mom's feel like this, especially on the first one? (I'm pretty sure they do.)I woke up this morning with so much JOY and excitement in my heart. Better than Christmas morning. I will never forget October 3,2008 as long as I live. Thankfully my epidural worked like a charm so they are all good memories!!! David Franklin Bass, WE.LOVE.YOU. Everyone who knows you loves you, most importantly God loves you. Happy 1st Birthday!! Let's get this party started!

(In order to hear our lovely singing voices, go to the red music box on the right sidebar and click pause)

Pumpkin Playgroup

This morning we were invited to a pumpkin playgroup and it was some party! I was super impressed, Kim went all out! She had mini pumpkins to paint (which we attempted), a bounce house (which we didn't), hay bails, so many yummy snacks, spice cakes, coffee and so on. It was so much fun and we had a blast!!

As you can see by these pictures, DF has taken an interest in girls!!! There are so many boys he's always surrounded by so this is a new development. There are only 2 girls in his class and lots of our playgroups and friends have mostly boys. It is funny to see him with these girls. The other day at school I went to pick him and and his teacher said, "he likes this baby here." She was rocking a new girl, named Rowan. Mrs. Shannon said he walked right up to her and grinned so big. I've been calling her his girlfriend, but I'm not sure it's mutual so now I'm just calling her his crush :)

Big day tomorrow....we CAN'T wait!

1 year old Pictures

I found a photographer in town and I LOVE her!!! She is 5 minutes from my house, sooooo SWEET, affordable, and does great can you beat that?!

check out his one year pictures (if you have time or want to):
Click on Portraits then clients and the password is "david"

I'm SO pleased, I don't know how we are going to to choose!