Wednesday, September 30, 2009

School Family Night

Last night was Family Activity night at DF's church school. We didn't stay long at all. He wasn't old enough to do most of the activities and I sat in the doctor's office for 2 hours yesterday and got diagnosed with bronchitis. Franklin got started on the Mucinex last night and I think it's already working for him! We are under the weather a little bit at this house but nothing to yucky so we are grateful. DF got to have story time, and play in a tunnel and some gooo (he was not sure about) and play dress up. I just wanted to go for a little while and show our school spirit :)

Today I start shopping for the birthday party. I got a little banner made yesterday and thinking about his banner in the hospital last year brought me to tears. I know...I know. Also, there is this book that everyone wrote a little message in for David Franklin that was in the hospital and it may be my most prized possession. I know he will cherish it one day. I flipped through it and read a few messages and it is just so sweet and such a treasure. He has no idea how much joy he brings. Franklin and I laid in bed today watching him on the video monitor just laughing at him flipping through his book and hiding under his blanket. It was the David Franklin show, and it was hilarious at 7:00am this morning.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday week!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Easy Chair

David Franklin got a new rocking chair just his size that he LOVES! Actually it's pretty old. My Mam-maw bought it for Jason when he was 1 year old and both David and I also used it as kids. My mom decided it was time to pull it out of storage and get it all cleaned up so the Woob could start enjoying it. And boy does he!! He pats it and smiles so big. He likes to sit forward and rock, but unfortunately his very favorite, is to stand up in it and push on the back to rock that way. When he rocks sitting forward, the poor chair only moves about a centimeter (it's pretty far fetched to call it rocking) but when he stands up and pushes the back, he can really get going. Apparently we've got a thrill seeker on our hands. Pretty scary. It's even more challenging getting down from up there. Whew, boys!!

P.S. I know he seems to always be in the same outfits. I promise he does have other clothes, but after school I change him into his comfy clothes and while it's still warm and he's still young enough, I want to keep him in these onesies as long as possible. They are just too easy. So sorry for the repeats, I know we would be in trouble with the fashion police!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

1st Razorback Game!

Watching his 1st Hog Call

How he made his debut on campus...mooning the Bulldogs!

Notice anyone in the background?

We had a wonderful weekend!! We got to Fayetteville on Friday night and I got a night out with the girls and went to a fashion show for a little bit. Saturday, we went to the farmer's market and met Pops and Lelly and Jack and hung out up there most of the morning. We even caught a pretty impressive magic show that Franklin even enjoyed:) David Franklin is really amused by Jack at this stage, he just watches his every move and smiles.

He also really loved his first Razorback game. He was absolutely mesmerized by the Hog Call. He would look at all of those people doing the same things with their hands and cheering and by the end of it he was tickled. He would watch the field and the jumbo tron and seemed to be fascinated by it all. He did a lot of clapping and kicking his feet, so we think he thought it was big fun. Of course, we left after about a quarter but that was after tailgating too and we didn't want to push it. We had such a fun time with Meme and Grampe! I don't know how many games we will actually bring DF with us, but we now know that we have a new little hog fan on our hands, thank goodness!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A few of our favorite things

That bite is COLD!

I took a few pictures today (ok 60) of David Franklin's favorite activities- eating and bathtime! I gave him a bite of my fruit bar, it was really cold and he made a hilarious face, but guess what, he kept wanting more! Bella pretty much permanently sits at his feet when he eats to get what he drops. He also he holds his hands over and lets her lick them. All those years Franklin was so strict on no people food. Oh well!

We are heading up to Fayetteville tomorrow and I have been packing but it seems like there is still so much that needs to be done. I think all we really need to take is an umbrella!! We are going to attempt to take David Franklin to the tailgate and the game for a little bit. I am hoping he and I make the first 1/2. That would be great with me. I can't wait for him to experience Razorback football. He didn't mind the noise at the Astros game but his parents weren't cheering and yelling in his ear so this could be entirely different. We'll see...... GO HOGS!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh happy day


my first shot this morning!

I GOT IT!! I can't remember the last time I had a big item that I wanted as a gift...even before my teenage years I think. For at least the past 10 years, clothes and money have been great with me (still are). But this year, as everyone knows, I really wanted a new camera. I got the Nikon D40- exactly what I wanted. I did lots of research and reading and discovered this would be the best fit for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Franklin!!!

I had already taken 81 pictures by noon and even got an adrenaline rush trying to get certain shots. Hahaha! The quality! The detail! I have never been able to capture these expressions before. It's a very overcast, yucky day today so I am using the flash but even the color is so much brighter and clearer. I have SO much to learn. I've watched a beginner DVD twice, and have manuals all over my desk and the editing has totally lost me- I have no idea how to even do the basics yet. I can't even find the crop! Hours and hours of fun to come figuring this all out. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement!

Now I get to capture my favorite gift in better photos every day! What a happy day for me, it's been wonderful. Not just because of my new camera but I am in a good place. I'm in the last year of my twenties, which is strange but I'm happy about it. The past decade has provided many joys and many sorrows. I know who I am so much better nearing the end of this decade than I did entering it, but I'm still learning. I'm going to live this last year in my 20s to the fullest- before I'm officially OLD :) Love you all, many thanks for making this birthday so special and my life so blessed!

As far as our bug is concerned, DF and I are doing better but Franklin has just informed me he's not feeling so hot. Uh-oh, this is one nasty virus!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We've caught the BUG

No new pics today because this weekend hasn't been our best. I woke up Thursday night sick as a dog and it has continued (although getting increasingly better) all weekend! My mom had to take DF to work with her on Friday with her so you can imagine all she got done, but it was a lifesaver for me. Friday night, Franklin and DF went and spent the night with Meme and Grampe which was also a good idea.

Franklin went to Marianna hunting with his old buddies and Blaine and Tanner and the kids came and stayed and went to a wedding on Saturday. I rallied pretty well, and even went to the wedding but skipped the reception. Franklin got home today just in time... David Franklin took a 3 hour morning nap, which has never happened. When I fed him his lunch, he threw up a little bit on his high chair. This concerned me but it wasn't much so I just thought maybe he was unsettled. A little later, Franklin walked in the door and picked him up and then it really started. He threw up ALL over Franklin...I guess I was contagious!! I feel so bad. My poor baby! I have been on the phone with the doctor, doing laundry galore, spraying everything with Lysol and praying that Blaine's kids don't get sick! Now we are crossing our fingers that the Pedialyte stays down and Franklin doesn't catch this. What a weekend- I sure hope tomorrow is better ;)

P.S. Happy Grandparent's Day!!! We love you, and appreciate you, and could never make it without your love and support!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is my first attempt at email blogging... Today is David's
birthday. Mom, DF, and I spent the afternoon at Lake Hamilton (which
is one of his favorite places on Earth). We loved looking at this view
and seeing God's beauty and knowing that the view David sees today is
even more beautiful than we can even imagine. We are thankful.
Thankful for the day of his birth, September 10,1982.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

11 Months Old

David Franklin is 11 months! I could easily cry right now if I wasn't telling myself not to be dramatic and get a grip. This may also be because at school today they told me he took steps, is going to color with crayons next week, ate meatloaf for lunch (real, not baby food), and fed himself his milk out of a sippy cup, not a bottle! Is this the 1 year old class or kindergarten? Franklin and I are so strict about what he eats that when I told Franklin he ate meatloaf for lunch, he bust out laughing. Good attitude, I think. I stopped in front of the Old Country Store today for his pictures because the brick is painted the prettiest turquoise color.

So here is what Day-Fray or The "Woob" is up to as of late:
-Size 4 diapers
-3 teeth and another busting through now
-Taking steps
-3 8oz. bottles a day- I just weaned the 4th.
-Self Feeding a lot
-Eating more table food (more than we know apparently)
-Can high five, clap, wave hi and bye bye.
-Not very verbal, only says Ma-ma when he needs something.
-Bath time is his FAVORITE time of day. He sometimes crawls to his bathtub and beats on this side.
-Still likes his thumb when he gets sleepy/hungry or upset
-Still happy all the time
-Sleeping from 8pm-7am all the way through, but wakes up 30 min. early some days.
-Naps are 2 times a day anywhere from 1-2 hours each, but school only does 1 nap so were are struggling there....I like 2 naps!
-He loves books and music
-He loves kisses and leans in or opens his mouth to give them to you...yummy!
-Very affectionate and snuggly (even his new teachers say so)
-He can climb up a flight of stairs (not down...he has no concept of feet first or fear of heights)
-He is very determined and has a sharp memory
-Smiles and crinkles his nose
-Is very ticklish all over
-Loves to be bounced or get tossed in the air or on legs

I could go on and on, so I will stop myself for your sake and mine. We are so blessed by him and love him so much our hearts could explode!!