Sunday, August 30, 2009

This weekend was a whirlwind! Let me tell you why- 2 of my college friends and babies came and spent the day and night with us Friday. It was pretty last minute, which made it even more fun. We spent the day together just laying around, talking, eating, cooking and playing with babies. We went to the playground before we started dinner all had a big time!! I forgot how much fun swings can be. Apparently so did Rach- Check out that dismount!

Saturday, was also a big day. It was one of my oldest high school friend's wedding so almost all of my girlfriends were in town. We had breakfast together and looked at buckets of old pictures and laughed our heads off!! WOW is all I can say....and we thought we were so cute! Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for Meme and had cake and ice cream with the Vaughts. Hallie and Robbie couldn't believe how much David Franklin had grown. They both said he looks like a big boy now. Robbie saw him taking steps and said, "can he run yet?" Soon Robbie, very soon. Happy Birthday Meme, WE LOVE YOU!!!

When we came back from "breakfast with the bride," David Franklin had a crowd and was really showing off. He is getting pretty steady and is taking several steps in a row. We caught 12 on video and have to show you! We are so proud and he is also proud of himself. He claps his hands and just beams, but you can tell he's not exactly sure why we are so pleased with him.

The wedding was so much fun and beautiful! I loved being together, telling old stories and the comfort of old friends. There is nothing in the world like it, and I got to do it all weekend!! Franklin said to me today, you were so happy being with your girls all weekend and I really, really was.

Friday, August 28, 2009

School can be cruel

Not really, but that's what I felt yesterday. It was quite a day- Pap has been in the hospital all week due to back pain and had surgery on a budging disk in the morning. I left after my classes, went to H.R. only to be informed I was going to have to wait on my paycheck which wasn't the news I was expecting. Then I went to the hospital to check on Pap. He was still sleeping but restless and very uncomfortable. I hate to see him like that. It breaks my heart, so I was sort of down already yesterday mid-day.

Franklin called as I was leaving the hospital and said something is really wrong with our dog. He had come home for lunch and she was barely moving and twitching. I had taken her to get an injection just the day before, because she has been in some pain. The vet thought it would help tremendously, but she seemed to get worse. I started trying to figure out how I was going to get her to the vet and pick up Day Fray (early) because I want to ease him into the whole situation. We called the vet and they said to just watch Bella for the rest of the day, so no trip to the vet was necessary just yet.

When I went to go pick up David Franklin, I was so ready to see him and get him home and put him down for a long nap. When I walked in, I saw a red mark on his forehead. I thought he must have just woken up - and then the lady began talking and I knew it wasn't a sleep mark. She said "David Franklin got a little beat up today." He was crawling under the little table and tried to crawl through the mounted little chairs and his head got stuck. Ok, I thought I know he tries to climb and go everywhere, this must have just happened. But then she said it happened hours ago (and was still EXTREMELY red), My stomach sank. Then she continued, "Also, there are little teeth marks on his hand. We don't know who bit him, he didn't cry out and we didn't see it." (He has been with the older kids for 2 days, because my school started early. The babies are moving in his room next week, thank goodness. Neither injury broke the skin, or his spirit for that matter. He still was happy as could be. They filled out and "Accident Report" and put it his cubbie. I said all of the right things, and things I do know in my head to be true...."It happens, thank you. Ok... " But in my heart it made me so sad!! I got in the car and drove straight to the bank and barged in Franklin's office in tears. Franklin saw DF's head and was on the phone but his jaw dropped. DF is fine, I knew it then and now. My tears came because it was just an accumulation of events, and the surprise of it, but I was pretty done in at that point.

I got him home and in the bath tub, rubbed all sorts of ointment on his spots and gave him a big ole bottle. Than we rocked ourselves to sleep in his room. I felt much better after hugging my baby and our little nap together.

He looks MUCH better this morning. He seems to feel just fine. Now, we're off to the vet to take care of Miss. Bella and on to the hospital to check on Pap. I am also feeling much better, he handles things much better than his emotional Momma!

*I know school isn't cruel- I think it's actually a really good, loving place. It's going to be really good for him in a lot of ways. In others, we (I) have some adjusting....

On a happy note- 5 tiny little steps were taken this morning!!!! His daddy was totally walking at 10 months and I think he may follow in his foot steps- pun intended :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

DF goes to the Park

Tonight we went with some families from church to the park for an "Ice Cream Social." Doesn't that sound like the 1950's? Then we went to a sock hop, just kidding :) It was at Entergy park which is fairly new in town. It is on Lake Hamilton by the Dam and very cool. There are pavilions, biking and hiking trails, fishing docks, ponds, playgrounds, nature posts, etc. There were lots of people out tonight. We will go back for sure!

David Franklin had his first taste of ice cream and of course- LOVED it! I'm going to stop adding that in because this boy eats and loves everything. He ate lima beans the other night and kept reaching for more. Come to think of it, he even tried to eat Bella's food this morning! He would have succeeded if I didn't fish it out of his mouth. The other mom's peer pressured me into letting him have some ice cream. (He just had a few licks off of my spoon but it was fun and appropriate for the occasion) He also had his first experience on the playground. He's still too little to really play but liked crawling through the tunnels and sliding down the little slides with us. He had fun playing with the big kids and older babies but all he really wants to do is eat them too. I should do The Hungry Caterpillar style documentation one day of what David Franklin eats, "but he was still hungry..."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

California Continued...

Mom in the Hora

Mom's friends working magic in the barn for the rehearsal dinner

Tasting the champagne served at every Presidental Inaguration from JFK to Obama at Korbel

From inside the tasting room (a cave) at Bella in Sonoma- our favorite!

First Day!

The Honeymooners shipped my camera to me before they left on their trip to Brazil- how efficient are they?!

Here are some more pictures from wine tastings, the wedding rehearsal and dinner, and the Redwood Forrest, and I also thought I would include some more wedding shots of say...the hora! It was a karoke rehearsal dinner and Jason and I did sing Lipstick Stains- Cassie!! Thankfully it was dark so nobody could see how red I turned.

The last one of David Franklin is from this afternoon, after his very first day to First Methodist. He's SMILING! I already have him back home- I only picked him up 4 hours early! He handled it all very well and got a great report. I on the other hand, have been nervous all week! I think it will be a good thing for us all, and he seemed to love it and the other kids. He is going on Tuesday/Thursdays while I teach so we will still get to be home together the majority of the time- Yay!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Inspiring Wedding

What an amazing week/weekend we just had. It was Jason and Lauren's wedding in California and it was so special. They are two people who are very much in love and it is neat to watch them together. I'm very happy for them and excited to have a new sister in law!! This post will be long so sorry....

They were married on a hilltop over looking a beautiful vineyard and rolling hills. It was one of the most unique ceremonies that I have ever been to. One with Jewish/Christian influences but mostly dominated by creative elements. Their professor and poet officiated the service and friends and family were not bridesmaids or groomsmen but read various excerpts from passages they love or sang songs written for the occasion. It was truly a reflection of them as a couple and their vows, as two very talented writers, were incredible! Of course it wouldn't be a wedding without a healthy dose of stress, high emotions and chaos. Jason's (empty) car actually rolled down that hilltop hours before the ceremony! Nobody was hurt, and everything was just fine. The tow truck came and took it all away. No more stress after that.

We flew down a few days earlier and stayed in wine country and did tours, tastings, went to the Redwood forest, and had such a nice visit wondering around the little town's different main streets and squares. We had good food, as you can imagine in California everything is fresh and organic and wonderful. Meme and Grampe came with us and were a HUGE help with David Franklin. We had a great time with them and all of the friends of the couple who came to celebrate. David Franklin was a precious ring bearer and he gave the rings, mixed with some of his kisses...aka drool.

Franklin and I spent time with Jason and Lauren's friends who are singer/songwriters, poets, actors, movie directors and producers, screenwriters, painters, etc. I especially loved being with a girl, Sarah, who has lived all over the world and can speak 6 languages fluently. Being with some of these people who are so talented, creative and smart- we are talking Yale and Emory grads and liberal arts schools of the like- has left me somewhat inspired. I want to learn more, see more, experience more, travel more, explore more, and live better.

I want to do these things to enhance the life I already live. I love living in Arkansas, close to my friends and family and wouldn't change it for the world. I love teaching and my field of Communication. I am passionate about it because relationships, in my opinion, are the only thing that we make a real investment in. They are the only things we can take with us. And I am certainly passionate about my family and my role as a mother.

One creative outlet I want to build on is photography. Photography has really interested me lately, a lot of that is due to this blog. I want to take a class or 2 at the college. My camera was left behind in California so the blogging may be deferred a bit. I have a BIG wish for a new camera for my birthday so I have my fingers crossed. Franklin has a desire to learn Spanish. He wants to get Rosetta Stone. Here is to reading something new, tasting something different and experiencing new experiences! Can you tell I've heard a lot of toasts this weekend?? I'm still doing it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

DRJII Tennis Tournament

Grands LOVED DF wearing the wig Drewby wore to play in! He looked like he should be on that show about Toddlers and Tiaras!

I know this is really late but I promised a post for DRJII Tennis Tournament 2009.

It was a great weekend. It was HOT out there. We have our August weekend set for a few reasons, mainly it really seems to work with most people's schedule is but these summers are getting hotter and hotter! We tried to keep water on the courts and I think everyone was alright and didn't get too dehydrated. If they were it was probably from the night before...

Friday night the DRJII Board and others, went out to James and the Mill for dinner. I saved our wine cork and everyone at the table signed it so I will always remember that night. I haven't been there since a function my sophmore year of college. The presentation is still very impressive.

Saturday was a long day at the courts and Abby and I came out victorious- not sure how- but it was a very close match against Sarah and Molly. Leigh and Elizabeth swiftly put us back in our place but we made it to the finals so that was pretty cool. Franklin and Ferris weren't so lucky, but they played well. Saturday night, Drew rented out a room at Powerhouse and we all got together for dinner. It was so sweet of so many people to come from all over. So nice to see faces that I don't get to see very often and to remember David all together. I love the reunion feel this weekend has acquired over the years. We appreciate you all and look forward to this time spent together every year!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

I don't have pictures from the DRJII Tennis Tournament yet, but once I get them I will do a full post. It was such a wonderful weekend so Tourney post and recap coming soon!! I want to say a quick thanks to everyone who came out, played, watched, donanted and supported us. We appreciate it so very much.

We are doing a quick turn around because we fly out to California tomorrow for my brother's wedding in wine country! Out of one suitcase and into another :) We are SO excited and Jason and Lauren will have the cutest ring bearer ever in their wedding...and possibly the youngest! David Franklin is so excited to go, he jumped in his suitcase and his sit n' stroll car seat (heaven for plane trips)!! He thinks they are fun today, I hope he feels the same way tomorrow!

Monday, August 3, 2009

10 Months Old

Man oh man, how can my baby be 10 months old already?! That means in 2 short months, he will be 1 year! I'm already thinking about his birthday party. I remember looking on blogs and seeing pictures of your 1 year old's at their first birthday parties and thinking they look so big. Now, we are on deck!

No doctor's appointment, so no real stats. He's still size 3 diapers, only 2 bottom teeth, and speed crawling. He can walk well with hands but still can't stand alone for very long. He is eating mostly formula and baby food but we are exposing him to more and more table food. He just tried yo-baby yogurt, and we are breaking up real fruits and vegetables for him to try. I will get more adventuresome with meat and dairy soon. Hide and go seek really cracks him up. (He was trying to hide behind the chair the in the picture above :)

David Franklin, to know you is to love you. Even complete strangers comment on how beautiful, sweet and well-behaved you are (you got told all three of those things today and we were out of the house for an hour). You are such a blessing from above and you've made the world a brighter place to live in just 10 short months!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Gammers!!! Today is my mom's birthday. We are so fortunate to have her in our lives. She has devoted her entire life to her family. And boy, does she know about self-sacrifice. Case and Point: She took David Franklin with her in Glenwood to my Pap-paw's house last night. She goes every Friday night to take care of my Pap and David Franklin has an open invitation to go with her each week. We took her up on her offer and had a date night. We enjoyed our night but I thought it would be nice for her to wake up to a happy boy on her birthday. When I called this morning her voice sounded so happy! We love you and I hope this year is a great one for you!!

David Franklin has learned a new trick. He actually has done this for about 2 weeks but I haven't been able to catch it on my flip until yesterday! He has learned to shake his head "no." He doesn't know it means "no" obviously, and he answers it for every question once he gets started. I'm sure that's because we all bust out laughing every time!! It's so precious. I'm trying to teach him how to nod his head "yes" but I don't seem to do that as much these days in my parenting, unfortunately.

Also, Aunt Jessica gave us a new toy- the activity table. I have heard these are big hits around this stage and it sure was! We are so lucky that she kept so much of this stuff to pass down to us. Thanks Jess! I also walked out of the living room for a minute and couldn't see DF, but I could hear him. I found him underneath the t.v. where we store his toys, he climbed on in and played with them in there. Helps with clean up so that's great with me!

Franklin and I are going to play tennis today which we have to do before next weekend and the DRJII Tennis Tournament! Playing 1 time a year is not acceptable. We were also going to go out on the boat for a little bit today, but the rain has totally knocked that out. Have a good weekend everyone, even if it a wet one!