Monday, February 23, 2009

Cereal, Shower, Family and Friends

Britton and Holly with DF

Grands Ellie and her baby boys.

First bite of Rice cereal

Jagger's suckers

Jack loves David Franklin- Smack!

David Franklin with Pops

Last week DF tried his first taste of Rice cereal, he was very interested and was swallowing and did great. I guess it was a little early because by the end of the week he was pushing it out of his mouth and throwing a fit. We will try it again later and see what he thinks then. No hurry, he is definitely getting enough nutrition!!

We headed up the hill last weekend to Fayetteville for a visit. It always feels too short and like we don't have enough time with everyone but we had a great time!

Grands Ellen came down from MO to meet us at my dad's and it was SO good to be with her and the Johnson family. Jack calls her "Ellie" which is really cute and he can't say Franklin so he calls him "Bass" which is hilarious!! It's like they are old college buddies. He and David Franklin are going to have a big time together one day.

We had a baby shower for Blaine on Saturday and she got lots of cute things for baby Jagger. He is going to be a little rock star that is for sure! I didn't have my camera but I did take pictures of my mom's gift. She got these homemade suckers made that say "Jagger Francis" on the blue little feet for Blaine to take to the hospital and pass out when she has the baby. She also didn't want Gillian to be left out so we got some pink ones made that say "Jagger's Big Sis" for her to take to her class when he is born. I got some foam (not sure the real word for it) and stuck them in like I was making a floral arrangement. They aren't professional, but I think they turned out pretty cute! Its about as crafty as I get.

We went to lunch with Coy and Molly and Holly and Britton afterwards and it was good to be with them. Franklin drove DF around Fayetteville during the shower and showed him his old house, went by First Security, etc. I'm sure he will have many more reminiscent tours of Fayetteville to come. Franklin said his dad would do that to him and his sister when they visited Waco so I guess he is following suit :)

We went by Jeff and Randi's to see Lilly's nursery- that is the girliest room I've ever seen! I wish Randi had a blog so you could see it. It's so glamorous! The guys left and Blaine and Randi and I were sitting in the living room talking about nurseries, and baby clothes, and sales. I was nursing DF, they are both extremely pregnant and it just hit me... Wow, life has changed! It is so wonderful. I wouldn't go back for anything!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Sam

I am a little late but Sam Hurtado was born last Monday night to Cassie and A.J. He is tiny- only 6 pounds 6oz and so sweet. Babies are popping up everywhere, last weekend was a shower for Randi and baby Lilly that is due in less than a month(I forgot my camera) and this weekend is a shower for Blaine and baby Jagger! What a baby boom with my friends, I love it! (I'm not sure why these pics are so small, sorry about that)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reunited- and it feels SO good!

We're baaaack!!! We had a nice time in L.A. and it was a Happy Valentine's Day. David Franklin had a nice Valentine's too, he had an afternoon with both of his grandmothers doting and loving on him. How lucky is he???

I missed my little man-pie SO much!! I just keep squeezing him and singing-"Reunited and it feels so good!" I know, I'm really going to embarrass him one day but for now he just finds it hilarious so I'll keep singing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bella is home and all better. She has 3 medications and is still supposed to be resting but she is healthy so that is good news. That was quite an ordeal- an expensive one at that! The vets must be rolling!!!

David Franklin is not yet rolling himself, but is SO close. He just turns to his left side but can't quite make it over. He inches himself around his playmat. Yesterday he made a full circle, it took about an hour but it was hilarious!

We are leaving on our first trip away on Friday. We are going to meet my brother, Jason and his fiance' Lauren in LA. (SOOOO far away!!!) We made these plans months ago but it has gotten here fast and I think it's too early to leave David Franklin! It is only for 2 nights, blah blah blah. I can't believe I am leaving my baby on Valentine's day!!! He is staying with my mom and although I won't worry about him too much, but I will miss him like crazy. It is almost making me sick to think about. I just keep squeezing and hugging him and still can't get enough! I know it will be fun but all of those cliches are so true- "a baby changes EVERYTHING!"

Friday, February 6, 2009

Both our babies at the Doctor!

Warning- Long post ahead.

Last night we went to Little Rock to meet Davis Crow. He is precious--and Adam, Julia and Davis are all doing well. While we went to the hospital, Jessica (Franklin's sister) and the kids babysat DF and had a big time! When we got there, Hallie and Robbie had out every toy and wanted to hug him and play with him immediately. They are so sweet with him!

We left at 5:30 and got back at 9:00. It was a fast trip and we were hurrying back to try to get DF fed and to bed. There was a horrible traffic jam coming home and it was already a long day of driving to and from Arkadelphia (for me and DF) and to and from Little Rock, back to back. We couldn't wait to come home and fall into bed. We had no idea what we were coming home to.

Bella has been limping lately and not feeling her best so I took her to the (new) vet on Wednesday. They sent us home with 2 weeks worth of pills to give her to try to help her with any back/hip pain. She is just getting older, but it makes us sad to see her hurt. We walked in and saw trash all over the floor--it was her medicine!!! She had somehow gotten on the counter in the kitchen and ripped through the cardboard box and thick plastic pill bottle and eaten EVERY one of her pills! We were terrified. That is quite an overdose! I called the vet and Franklin met her up there last night. They gave her charcoal, and got her started on IVs. The overdose could cause kidney failure, a bleeding ulcer, and even be fatal! She is going to be fine, but it was so scary. She is in the hospital for at least a few nights. I am kicking myself thinking I should have known, but we have had so many good things on the counter lately and she hasn't tried to get any of it! Even Franklin's homemade strawberry birthday cake, I don't get it??! Maybe those pills are addicting or something because we usually have to wrap her pills in cheese and she somehow eats the cheese and spits up the pill.

On another note-

Today was DF's 4 month check up. He did great, the doctor said that he's "perfect". We got a great check up and after I went through my list of a zillion questions we finally left with our semi-fussy baby, after he got his second round of shots. The first time he got shots,he ran fever so I have already given him Tylenol. So sad to see that bottom lip quiver, but it didn't last long.

Here are his stats:

Weight: 17 lb. 9oz.
90th percentile
Height: 25 1/2 inches
60th percentile
Head: 42 cm

I thought he was going to weigh more than that. My scale system didn't work, which could be good news and mean that my scale is a couple of pounds heavy:)

DF is feeling good now so we hope it lasts and Bella may get to come home tomorrow, (best case scenario) but we've gotten good reports today.

I'm off to play with the girls for a little bit tonight and really looking forward to it! Franklin and David Franklin are going to watch Friday Night Lights in their pj's. Franklin couldn't be happier about those plans either!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy 4 months Day-Fray!!!

Yep, jinxed myself!!! So yesterday after I wrote that whole post about him fighting his naps, he took about 5 yesterday!! Long good ones. But last night- Whoa Nelly! He was up about 5+ times and the whole rocking, put right back down thing did not work! We would rock for about 20 minutes and make sure he was good and asleep, put him down, pat to make even more sure he was still asleep, tip toe back to bed and before our heads hit the pillow- crying again! Remind me not to brag about his sleeping on the blog ever again! :)

He is 4 months old today! Time has FLOWN by and he is so precious to us. He has the cutest personality. He loves kisses and just laughs and laughs when I steal some from his big ole cheeks. We love him so much and are so thankful for our healthy, happy 4 month old boy! I wish we could celebrate and give him some cake, maybe I'll just have some :) We go to the doctor on Friday and I can't wait to find out his stats. I did the scale thing again 2 weeks ago and there was a 19 lb. difference!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Nap-Fighter

I don't want no stinkin' nap!!

We have a little fighter at our house lately, a nap-fighter! David Franklin is sleeping so well during the night which is such a gift. He sleeps an average of 9-10 hours solid about 5 nights out of the week. The other 2 nights he wakes up maybe once or twice and after about 5 minutes of rocking is back down. (I am really hoping I am not jinxing myself right now). During the day however, he just cat naps and once he gets really sleepy, he gets really cranky! He used to just play himself to sleep on his mat or in his bed but not so much any more. He fights those naps big time! A car ride is a sure bet at getting him to fall asleep but I don't want to burn that much gas everyday. So I rock or bounce, which is good for the quads so I've started looking at it as exercise time. Doing squats holding about a 20lb. weight should give arms and thighs of steel soon :) Again, the full night's sleep is SO amazingly nice and worth all of the crying during the day, but we've got a little nap-fighter at our house so beware! I had to take pictures of these fits. Even though it breaks my heart to see him so upset, I still think it's pretty cute....for a minute!

We had a great weekend at the races, I cashed a ticket every time! True, it often didn't even cover my bet but that's ok. It wasn't much either way. I only go for fun and play a little. Next weekend I will be going back for Heather's Bachelorette Party so I am looking forward to that. Rachel H. did really well last weekend so maybe she will get lucky again!

The nap won this round so I better take advantage and get some stuff done. Happy February, it's looking pretty nice so far!