Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year complete with lots of gifts, food, friends, family, stress, even the "Christmas Cramp" (The belly aches that come from over-indulging! You know what I'm talking about :))
Day-Fray was precious and although clueless it was so much fun for us to have him this year. Franklin is on his way back right now from hunting in Texas. He has the camera with him but I will post pictures once I get my hands on them. We also got a Flip for Christmas so be looking for little videos to be popping up here. He has started laughing hard and I want to try to capture that. The only problem is, it takes probing from us and you will hear us OOHING and talking in baby talk which is annoying in person and 10x worse on film!! We will see what we can do.
It's almost 2009- wow! Back to work for me in 2 weeks, starting to get a little nervous about that and the move (especially since we don't have a new house yet)!! Yeah, like I said, WOW!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let the good times roll!

The Church Christmas tree

David Franklin lit the Advent candle at Church!

Lauren and me at the Tacky Christmas Sweater party


Johnson/Bass Christmas Celebration

The Christmas babies

This weekend was our last weekend in Arkadelphia that isn't going to be filled with packing. We close on our house tomorrow- it's SOLD! We are moving to Hot Springs after the first of the year.

We enjoyed our Arkadelphia weekend very much. My dad and Leslie and Jack came down and spent Friday night with us. We had our Christmas celebration together and it was so nice. It was a great visit and it was so much fun getting Jack and Day-Fray together. Jack is at a really fun and BUSY age. It was funny to watch him pull every piece of paper off his presents so carefully and then tear into the chocolate chip cookies with no hesitation- smart guy!

Saturday night we had a Tacky Christmas Sweater party at the Hawkes and Franklin and I took home the prize!!! My mom made those sweatshirts when we were little and I would wear it with leggings as a dress. She thankfully kept her artwork (no surprise, she keeps EVERYTHING) but it paid off.

This morning at church our family lit the Advent candle of Love. DF did really good and didn't cry or fuss and fell asleep right after. Perfect! It was special at his first Christmas for us to get to be a part of the service. His Meme, Grampe and Gammers all wanted to come and watch him in big church.

More Christmas celebrations tomorrow, we get to see the Vaught cousins. Meme got DF a full Santa suit so he may get to wear it tomorrow night...he will make one Jolly Santa that's for sure!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Supper Club Christmas Party

Only 1 month apart!

The babies and mommies

Small, Medium, and Large!

Last night was our Supper Club Christmas Party in Little Rock at Bryant and Sayward's house. It was really good getting together and seeing everyone--but especially the babies!! David Franklin got to play with Harper Feilke and meet Margaret Felton for the first time. She is so tiny and precious! We had to take pictures of them together, even if it was quite a task! Margaret is only 1 month younger than DF and she is "now up to 6 lbs" and he is at 15 or so!!! We never laid eyes on him that little, so it is so amazing for us to see a baby so little! They were precious together and it will be even more fun next time when they can actually sit up by themselves--know what's going on etc... :) Also probably by the next time we meet, we will get to add Lilly Butler and Davis Crow to the clan.

I also have to report that we have had 3 nights in a row of sleeping through the night! Guess all I had to do was write about it here and it happened! He slept from 9:00 pm to 6:45 am!! Almost 10 hours! Of course I am still waking up in shock/panic listening for him, but this is a pretty great little pattern we've got going on. I'm guessing it isn't going to last from now on though. We'll see what happens tonight but, at least we know it's possible.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas lights and cold winter nights

4 hats- gotta be some kind of record!

So happy after a good suck on his hand

Funny, crooked, cross-eyed smile that is one of my favorite expressions!!

Gammers proud of her layering techniques- I don't think this layering is "in"

This weekend we decided we needed to go to Garvan Gardens and walk through the big lights display. I know he's too little to appreciate Christmas at 2 months old, but I also know he LOVES lights so this would be the one thing he might actually get in to.

He stayed awake and loved looking around at all of the pretty colors and lights and listening to the Christmas music. It was really cold so we had him bundled up- and then some. My mom went with us and she kept adding layers. She was worried his feet were cold and tried to put her gloves on his feet, but Franklin Vetoed quickly! His 'outfit' was really funny, but he was warm and happy so that is all that matters. The lights were so pretty and it really got me into the Christmas spirit!!

David Franklin is doing great! He has discovered his hand and loves to suck on it. We are still waking up once a night for a feeding, but I don't mind it. I am pretty sure this is normal but I read the other blogs and hear about these fabulous babies sleeping all night long and we aren't there yet. It's ok, he will when he is ready. He goes down at 9:00 and sleeps until about 2 or 2:30 on average every night and goes straight back down. He is cooing big time and it is exciting to hear him talk to us!

I got some pictures of him smiling finally! His smiles are really hilarious, I have posted one of my favorites. Love that big goofy grin! Have a great week!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town!

SO sleepy with Santa

David Franklin met Santa last week. We were walking into my mom's office and there he was walking out the door...you never know where Santa is going to be!! David Franklin wasn't very enchanted, he slept through the whole encounter. Next year, I'm sure it will be very different.

We went to to the doctor for his 2 month check up and the weight mystery is solved!! He weighs a whopping 14 pounds and 12 ounces!! The nurse even said- "can this be right?"

Here are his stats:
weight- 14 pounds 12 ounces
length- 23 inches
head- 39 1/2 inches

He is in the 97% for weight for age and 50% in length for age... so I guess he's short and stocky... Haha

He also got his first shots which were NO fun. That bottom lip started quivering and I was done for! He felt pretty crummy afterwards and even ran a low grade fever. Our weekend wasn't the best, but he's feeling much better now. Glad that doctor's visit is behind us!

Santa Clause is coming to town soon--I hope he gets all of his shopping done because I heard he hasn't even started for the Basses ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Hal!

Today is Franklin's dad's birthday!! We all hope you have a great one!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 month Photo Shoot

Sarah Bussey Adams came on Monday- she did a fabulous job!! These are just a few of her favorite pictures I swiped from her blog. We haven't seen the rest of the proofs yet, but this sure wet my appetite!! She is so talented, thank you Sarah it was a lot of fun. He is smiling so big these days and wants to laugh out loud, but he just sort of sighs and smiles (the cutest thing ever)!! I really wanted some of him smiling but he wouldn't cooperate, until she left and the camera was gone. Then it was BIG smiles- the little stinker! Oh well, She got some good ones just the same and we are very pleased!

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Weekend Pics as Requested

With YaYa Aunt "Brendy" at La Hacienda

Kicked back with Bella watching TV

With his cousins Hallie and Robbie- good thing he can't roll over yet :)

Mad he had to leave the wedding!! In his Penguin suit with Gammers