Sunday, November 30, 2008

Party Hearty

Worn out by all of the lovin'

Anna's Birthday lunch

Meeting his Great Grandmother for the 1st time!

His first Thanksgiving with Grampe

Too cute in his Razorback jammies, hanging out before bedtime!

We have had a busy week celebrating Thanksgiving, birthdays, and a wedding! David Franklin seemed to have held up well and didn't get too tired by all of the partying. His dad is asleep right now and I just woke up so, I can't say the same for his parents.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! David Franklin met Mommie Boo and Aunt Robbie for the first time. They think he's a keeper! His cousins, Hallie (age 6) and Robbie (age 3) loved getting to play with him all afternoon. Robbie had wanted David Franklin out of my belly so badly--I think he is a little disappointed he isn't doing more. He keeps asking when is he going to talk, play football, etc. Hallie told us she heard him say "up" so he has already said his first words...isn't that amazing??? :) We also celebrated Hal's Birthday. He turns the big 6-0 on Thursday.

We also celebrated Anna's birthday this week. She had a surprise party that Drew threw for her Saturday night at his parent's house. It was so sweet of him to do it and she was BLOWN AWAY! We went for a little bit--the look on her face was hilarious. We also went for a "birthday lunch" at La Hacienda on Wednesday. Our moms and a lot of the YaYa Aunts came too. David Franklin was covered in lipstick by the end of lunch. He gets lots of sugar, no doubt about that!

Last night, he briefly attended Margaret Whipple's wedding reception. He got a little tuxedo onesie as a gift and Franklin determined he must wear that to the wedding. He wore that with black velvet pants with, of course--suspenders, just like his daddy!! It was hilarious and adorable at the same time.

We better rest up because the Christmas parties are just beginning and we need to be able to hang with DF! We can't start embarrassing him this early :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

T'giving- Round 1

Getting all cleaned up in the Froggie Tub

With Cousin Sarah

Our hike- don't worry he had on 3 hats and was warm and toasty!

On our way to the Bright's party

Just chillin'

Back from the woods- our weekend at Mt. Harbor was a great, different way to spend Thanksgiving. Franklin's family from Texas is coming in this week and we will spend Thanksgiving day with them as well as the Vaughts in Hot Springs. My mom's side of the family, the Ligons, got together and celebrated a week early. There were about 13 of us in all. We missed those who couldn't be with us but you were with us in spirit like always. The weather was cold so we didn't do as much outside as we thought we could and our lake house was actually a 'modular home.' I didn't know what that meant and didn't catch it on the brochure. For those of you who also don't know, it's a nice way of saying double wide. It was very cozy and we settled right on in!

Let me break down the weekend for you:
-Taboo- Always hilarious, especially with beginners like my Uncle Bob
-Turkey and hash brown casserole- Mmm, tradition
-Family hike- cold
-Massage- one of the best
-Getting the extended family together for holidays- PRICELESS!!

Thursday night we went to a lovely party at Leslie and Richard Bright's house. We brought David Franklin with us. He was really good but, of course, had a lot of gas while he was being held. This is not just a little bit of gas like babies usually get where their faces turn red so you know it's happening. This is really loud, and there is quite a bit of grunting involved. I don't like it if his tummy hurts but listening to him grunt, etc. is pretty cute and hilarious. My cousin's husband, Vince, nicknamed him "Rattle Britches" cause the boy can really let it go. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure if he's allergic to something I eat but I watch my diet and it seems to be the same regardless of what I eat. I think he is just very gassy- thank goodness he's a boy!!

I also am now convinced he knows my voice--I was told he did but I didn't really believe it. Thursday night, I had to take a shower but he was not very settled. I put him in his bouncy seat in the bathroom with me and jumped in. He started crying 30 seconds after I was already in the shower and there was nothing I could do, so I started talking and he started to calm down. If I stopped, he cried so I started singing song after song as loud as I could and he went right to sleep!! I sang everything that came into my mind- camp songs, hymns, even Rhianna. Wish I had more lullabies memorized, but not yet. I know he has to be my son because he is the only one who would actually be soothed by such a sound, everyone else would run as fast as they could!

We have SO much to be thankful for this year. A new baby to celebrate the holidays with makes everything so much more exciting and meaningful. It is so special to think about traditions that we are starting for him. We will get to experience his joy through these times for years to come. That gives me a new hope and joy that the holidays have not held for me in the past few years. We love you dearly David Franklin and are so THANKFUL for you!

Happy Turkey Day everyone and BIG HUGS from the Basses!!

Toasted Head Wine

Last year's Thanksgiving in Napa and Sonoma Valley

So this blog doesn't become too much of a bore, I thought I would include some interesting non-baby news...

My brother, Jason, lives in California and works for a winery in Yolo County while he is getting his PhD. One of their wines was featured on the Today show this morning by Leslie Sbrocco, noted Author and Wine Critic. She selected the Toasted Head Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir as one of her preferred Thanksgiving Day wines, making special reference to how well it pairs with turkey and other traditional Thanksgiving foods.
Another wine she recommended is the Rose by Clos du Bois. It is owned by the same company. I have never tried the Rose, but I have tasted Clos du Bois and it is delicious!

check out the website and enjoy some good wine with your good dinners!!

I included a pic from Thanksgiving '07. We went to visit Jason and toured wine country. We had a BLAST and can't wait to go back! It's one of our all time favorite trips.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

6 weeks old

Afternoon nap

Always so glad when Franklin gets home from work, especially Bella!

Sorry I have been bad about blogging, my Grands Basil passed away last Thursday. Franklin, David Franklin and I loaded up and drove 6 1/2 hours to Osage Beach, Missouri. We were scared to make the trip, but DF was GREAT! He was such a champ and it was good being with my Grands Ellen and my family during that time. We love Grands Basil and will really miss him.

We have been very busy but I don't have many new pictures--so sorry to disappoint. I was watching him sleep today thinking that is the cutest face I've ever seen and then when I got my camera the flash made him mad and/or bothered him so they didn't turn out very well. They are kind of funny and show how bad a photographer I am, but I will post one anyway.

I want to share a few updates on his 6 week development- mostly so I won't forget so feel free to skip:

-He likes riding in the car- he is so content and then can sleep for hours in his car seat
-He loves lights, movement and sounds which means...he loves the T.V. I know it's probably not good but what can I say??
-We are starting to get some big grins, more and more everyday and they MELT our hearts!
-He is grabbing toys (rather we put them in his hands and he holds them)
-He is getting more used to baths but still aren't his favorite
-He likes music a lot
-He can hold his head up and move it side to side well
-He is eating a lot and growing SO fast- I am going to have to go shopping for new clothes and pj's soon
-He is sleeping well, he is still waking up for feedings during the night but he (usually) goes right back down to bed. And I really mean bed- (he was sleeping in his vibrating seat at night for a week or so) When it's the middle of the night and you are tired, it is hard to be disciplined and put him in the bed when you know there will be crying, but we are getting better and the crying is, too
-Bella likes him more and more; if I am holding him in the chair she tries to get up in my lap, too

We are going out to a house on Lake Ouachita this weekend with my mom's side of the family to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend. I am looking forward to a few days of Taboo, movies, hot tub, hiking, and turkey. And Franklin treated me to a massage! I hope to have lots of pictures so I will post more after the weekend.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Mama-ratzzi

Who says a Thursday morning at home isn't a black tie affair?

Trying to be 'artsy'

Serious face- this is what we are getting a smiles yet

Blanket Molly gave him, not only adorable but so SOFT! I try to steal it sometimes

I have no new news other than I am dying to know how much David Franklin weighs. We don't go back to the doctor until December, so I came up with a plan. I thought I would be really smart and weigh myself and then weigh myself holding him and subtract the difference- not sure how accurate it is but there was a 12 pound difference!!! Could he really already weigh 12 pounds? He is a big guy, but I'm not convinced he's 12 pounds yet.

I did wake up this morning and want to try my own "photo shoot" with David Franklin. My day could be complete with putting on different outfits and trying to get pictures of him, I LOVE it! The shoot didn't turn our nearly like I wanted it to-- like I really thought I could whip up some Mika Beth Edwards or Sarah Bussey style this morning!! I wish I was more talented at taking pictures now like lots of you are. How did you guys get so good? Maybe someday I can take some lessons or...just hire a professional. The problem with that is he changes and grows so fast that I want great pictures everyday!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We want to welcome 2 new babies to our world today!!! My friend Taylor and her husband, Brent, had a baby boy this morning. Welcome baby Bentley!! 8 lbs and 8oz Also Jason Felton and Laura Beth had a baby girl, Margaret Felton. 4 lbs. and 13oz. Both families are doing well and we are so excited for them! Since I am announcing their arrivals, I thought I would post our birth announcement too :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat

Too cute in his track suit

Lunch with the Kalers

Lunch at Arlington Park

Walk at Gulpha Gorge

Hanging with Grandpa after Trick or Treating

Our sleepy pumpkin with Wes

On our way out for our First Halloween!

With Gammers at NPCC!

We had a great Halloween weekend in Hot Springs with our little trick or treater! Even though both Franklin and I are fighting head colds, we had a full weekend and also managed to keep from getting the the baby sick- knocking on wood now!!

Friday I had a doctor's appointment so Gammers got to keep David Franklin at her office. They had a big time playing and Gammers loved getting to show him off! After I picked him up we went to the Wharf and met my friend Abby and her family for lunch. Her sister has 4 kids and it was so good to talk to her and ask questions and watch how seamless it was for her. It put things in perspective for me, just having one, even though minutes before I walked in Wal-Mart and got so overwhelmed I turned around and walked straight out! I love the Kaler's so I loved getting to go to lunch with them on the lake.

That night we dressed up our little pumpkin (he had a newborn outfit but was too big for it so we had to cut the feet out of it so he could wear it!!) We made it work and he looked really precious. He got to see Rick and Diane, Tyler and Aunt Wesley, Susan, Bee and Westly and John Oliver. Really they all got to see him since he was asleep for most of our stops:) We went by about 4 or 5 places, and we ended up at Meme and Grandpa's condo where he had some good play time and got to get out of that uncomfortable costume!

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we decided to make the most of it. Franklin and I got up and took Day-Fray (our new nickname for him) and Bella for a hike at Gulpha Gorge. It was so pretty and you could see all of the colors changing on the trees on the mountains. We ended the morning with a picnic downtown at Arlington Park, where we got married. We had to show the little guy where it all started:) We looked like quite the tourists. Saturday night, Megan, Chad, Anna, Diane, Mom, Brenda, Franklin and I all played Taboo at the condo- our favorite game. Anna, Megan and I dominated everyone else! David Franklin slept like a rock in his pack n play through all of the screaming and laughing! Funny, cause then when everyone left and it was time for bed--he was UP :)

Today the little guy is 1 month old- Happy Birthday David Franklin! What a WONDERFUL month it has been!