Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lunch out with Meme

All ready to go!

Meme was excited too

Where do we put a baby?

Our little Cheese Puff! All better and cozy after our big day!

Today was our first lunch outing with Meme! We went to El Mariachi which is an Arkadelphia favorite! I was really looking forward to it so I got him all dressed up in a new outfit. He didn't even make it 10 minutes before we had to change... diapers are not fool proof- I have evidence of that! I put him in big boy outfit #2 and at least we made it out the door :)

He did great at the restaurant, which means he slept the whole time. Meme and I were pretty funny because we weren't really sure where to put him and eat. We asked the waitress for a booster seat and high chair and then decided none of those were working (or we didn't know how to put the car seat in either one) so he was on the top of the table in his car seat. I'm sure there is a better way but it worked just fine. We ate a lot but watched him even more. It was so much fun, thank you, Meme!

I can't believe he's almost 1 month old!! Time really does fly. It's the biggest cliche of all, but so true. We are excited about Halloween. I will post some pictures after the weekend of our little pumpkin. We are going to take him around to a few houses to trick or treat. I guess at this age, Mama gets all the candy?? Happy Halloween everyone!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Trip Up the Hill

We had a wonderful visit this weekend in Fayetteville. David Franklin got to meet so many important people!! We went up on Saturday morning (he did great in the car but was HUNGRY by the time we got there) and left Sunday afternoon. We stayed at my dad's house and people came over to see the little man before they headed off to the game- what a sad game it was. I have posted a few pictures of some of his guests but he also got to meet Britton and Holly, Bo and Claire, Coy, Helen and Andrew and had some great play time with Jack and Harper. It was so much fun watching them all play together- not that David Franklin did much but sleep. We are home now and a little pooped from the short trip but it was so much fun we can't wait to go back again!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 2


All our hands

Trying to bond with "big sis" Bella

Meeting his Pap-Paw

On a stroll with Gammers and Bella

We have had a big 2nd week. Franklin went back to work on Tuesday and I miss him at home during the day with me. I had to keep myself from going out in the driveway to wait for him to come home the first day!! David Franklin and I are doing great on our own though- just a little separation anxiety at first :)

This weekend my brother, Jason, flew in from California to meet his nephew. He and my mom spent the night with us and babysat while Franklin and I attended his 10 year high school reunion. It was fun! I only lasted about 2 hours, but it was great to get out and about for a little while for an adult night out!!

David Franklin had his 2 week appointment at the doctor and is doing great, he weighs 9 lbs and 3 oz now. He has gained a pound in one week! He is growing so fast, he's already out of some of his newborn outfits! He has so many cute outfits I am trying to make sure he wears them at least once, even if they are a little tight and we don't even leave the house. I am glad he is a healthy big boy--so proud of every oz!

We have been getting out a little and running some errands--which may sound like no big deal, but it really takes a lot to get out the door with a baby! We went on a stroll today in the park with Gammers (my mom) and Bella, it was a gorgeous day and he loves it outside. This weather is so great, it's hard to stay inside.

I have loved having family and friends around so much, I'm getting so spoiled! Next weekend we head up the hill to Fayetteville! We are just going to stay one night, but we are excited for our first road trip. He will get to meet his Pops and Leslie and Jack! More family and friend time- YAY!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Week 1 Photo Shoot

Sweet Baby

Love those CHEEKS!

Got my nose

Both my grandmother's helping with the wardrobe change!

David Franklin has his first photo shoot on his week old birthday- he did great, too! We got some cute pics that I wanted to share with you. Life is great here, I will post more as I am able- still adjusting to our new schedule :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Splish Splash

My first bath

Look how big and strong I am

I'm awake now!!!

All bundled up on my first stroll around the block

I had a little time this afternoon so of course, instead of napping, I am blogging!! What am I thinking?? I have been busy taking new pictures of everything we are doing (which isn't much) and I can't wait to share them. We are still adjusting to life with a newborn but we are having the time of our lives!! I will be so sad when Gammers goes home and Franklin goes back to work next week. David Frankln is 5 days old and doing so great!! He is a little angel.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow

Our new family

With Daddy

We are all doing well and David Franklin Bass is here!! 8lbs, 10oz, 21 inches long. We cannot express the gratefulness we feel for him and his arrival. These are just a few and I will post more as I am able.