Sunday, August 24, 2008

That hung in my nursery!

Meme and Gammers

Me and the Artist!!

Arkadelphia Girls Night Out

(I had a slideshow from RockYou up, but it bumped all of my widgets to the bottom of the page so I took it down. If anyone knows how to upload slideshows without causing that, let me know and I will put it back up. Also, I accidentally changed my background. I am having trouble today! So we temporarily have a new look, but I will work on that.)

This weekend was a baby weekend for me!! Franklin went to Augusta (Arkansas) to play in a golf tournament with Conner so he missed out on all of the fun. No boys were allowed anyway :) Franklin and Conner played really well and he said he had a great time.

Friday night was a girls night with the Arkadelphia girls that I am in a Bible Study with. We went to Pompeii and it was SO much fun!! We were there for hours and they had cupcakes, and decorations and got me a wonderful surprise gift- the pack and play! It was really a great night!!

Sunday afternoon was the Hot Springs shower. It was such a nice party. I got some wonderful things- this baby is going to be set!! Diane Blagg debuted her art that has been top secret. She has been taking lessons, and just started this year. It is really cute!!! She went along with the theme of "What Boys are made of"- I didn't' know this but it's "Snips of snails and puppy dog tails." She has Bella represented and snails and a turtle for Franklin the turtle. It's really special. Also, my mom found a piece that she cross-stitched for me before I was born and it hung in my nursery. Mitzi also gave us Franklin's baby blanket that his Aunt Robbie made for him! I love how meaningful everything is. What a great weekend celebrating the arrival of this baby boy!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Numbered Days

We had a doctor's appointment this morning and they are pretty uneventful at this stage. I basically get my tummy measured and get weighed. We start going weekly soon and that is exciting!! There isn't much to report, the baby is down and he has a good, strong heartbeat. They said I was "full of baby" (which I already knew) and we all are doing good.

When we came home, Bella had un-made the bed and was asleep with her head on my pillow. I think she knows her days as Queen B. are numbered. We thought it was so funny we took some pics with her. It is wild to think only about 50 more days of life as we know it! But who's counting :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tennis Tournament

David Johnson, Soccer Intramurals 2003

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all who came out this weekend and participated or just hung out at the DRJII Tennis Tournament. So many people travelled in from out of town/state to be here for it and it truly means so much. It was a great weekend! We lucked out on the weather and there were some great matches!! Some for their humor and others for their talent. Both are entertaining and welcome to come and play. We love the wigs and mustaches, as well as the matching outfits and tennis "pros"!! I am playing next year and we need to really beef up the girls division. Come on girls- it is a fun way to get in a little exercise and skill level is really NOT important. I promise!!

It is always an emotional weekend, and these pregnancy hormones don't help. We miss David so much. To see his memory honored and to hear stories and others remember his life is such a great gift to us and to David. Thank you all again, your efforts do not go unnoticed and are more meaningful than you know.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

DRJII Tennis Tournament

We are on a weather watch- there is a big chance of rain. We are working now for PLAN B. Please go to for updates pertaining to weather and to get draw times. Keep your fingers crossed for clear skies!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

8 more weeks!

8 weeks to go!! Think I'm gonna make it? The little ladies in my yoga class aren't so sure- which would be alright with me! He is moving all the time now and BIG movements. We may have ourselves a little soccer player!

I have had requests for more belly pics- I will try to do better. (I am not a fan of solo pics but oh well) The belly has now taken over my whole body and has become the main attraction. I'm still feeling great. Not getting so much sleep but that is alright- preparing me for what's to come I'm afraid. It is just SO crazy to think I am so close to being a person's mom!! It blows me away actually.

This week and weekend were really good, and busy. Franklin went to Heber on Friday night for Adam Rutledge's Bachelor party and said that was a lot of fun. My mom had knee surgery Friday, so Bella and I went to be her nurse. She is doing great! Saturday night we went to our friend, Mary Elizabeth's, surprise birthday party at the lake. It was such a nice night and we had a great time.

We are really looking forward to Fayetteville next weekend and the tennis tournament!! It is supposed to be nice (cooler) weather so that is great news and hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our First Glimpse

We had our 4D ultrasound yesterday and we got to take a peek at our baby's face!! He was really cuddled up and had some cord by him so we didn't get the best shots, but we got to see a little. Who knows if he will really look like this at all, but it was fun to get our first look at our sweet boy's face!!! It is truly amazing and (even a little strange) what technology can do these days. We can't wait to see him live and in color!! Franklin is already one proud papa, showing everyone he can these pictures. It is really cute and sweet.

We also had our hospital tour last night and it's official- I'm scared!! We saw babies in the nursery (fun), and saw the labor/delivery room and bed and where it all happens (not so fun). Franklin assures me it will all be ok and he isn't worried at all (easy for him to say) but I'm not so convinced....

We also had our Arkadelphia baby shower, it was such a nice party and we had a great time! Hallie Laura, our 5 year old niece, was my special helper and she did a wonderful job! She made opening all of those presents so much fun. She has outfits picked out for every occasion, his 1st birthday, his first trip to the museum, and more :) My camera died within the first 5 minutes so I only have this one picture with Mary Elizabeth. We got lots of great things and really appreciate all of the wonderful people in Arkadelphia, they are truly some of the BEST!