Thursday, July 31, 2008

Slowly but Surely

Here are some more pics of our nursery as it is coming together piece by piece. I would prefer to post pics of the final product but inquiring minds (mostly grandmothers) want to see things as they arrive... We have our bedding, window treatment and our chair which are all new editions. Thanks Vicki for all of the sewing and thanks to our grandmothers, Grands Ellen and Mommie Boo for the chair and crib. It has already turned into such a special room!! I have nothing on the walls and have LOTS more to do but our big stuff is here and that is a relief. My dad and Leslie are making a bookshelf to mount on the wall and Diane Blagg is painting us a one-of-a-kind picture. I can't wait to see them both!!

Franklin is off to play in the church softball league tonight, it is their last game. They aren't the best team but have come a LONG way. Go FPC!!! And Happy Birthday MOM!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

End of an Era

This weekend we were in Fayetteville for the FCC Invitational Golf Tournament. It is a really fun weekend and a lot of our friends go and play. We have been going for 3 years now. Franklin always plays with Britton. After much consideration, they have decided that the Wheeler/Bass ticket has come to an end. After 3 years and a 0 and 6 record, they have made a mutual decision to remain good friends and golf buddies, but the FCC Invitational days are over. Tear...
Friday night was the big party and we went to eat at U.S. Pizza (thanks to Molly:)) and the band formerly known as Molten Lava, played. It was a fun night! People on the dance floor looked like they were having a REALLY good time:) Saturday was pool day and it was packed with people- I stayed for a while but got too hot and left around 3:30. I heard after I left it got pretty funny with people doing diving board tricks and everything. Guess the margaritas got people moving- Franklin stayed for that and said it was a really fun afternoon! Saturday night we cooked out at Holly and Britton's and Molly and Coy came over. Holly has a beagle too, Sophie. She looks so much like Bella, but we didn't realize how much Bella has aged until we got them together. Sophie is 3 and doesn't have gray hair and is so energetic. Bella is 7 and looked a lot whiter in the face and moved much slower. They were really cute together. Holly has a costume closet with clothes for Sophie so we dressed them up. Bella hated it, but we got a cute pic! I didn't have my camera with me most of the time so I missed some good photo ops, but here are 2 of Bella and Sophie and team Wheeler/Bass. I'm also getting more nursery stuff in and working in there some so I will post some more recent pics of that soon!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Laid back weekend

This weekend we were in Hot Springs and it was my high school friend, Dustin's wedding. It was a very pretty wedding and it was fun to get see so many people! The only thing was it was a day wedding, outside, and it was HOT so we didn't get to stay very long. Mitch and Alecia stayed with us and it was our fist time to hang out with her, although it feels like we've known her forever!!! We went out on the lake and our moms (mine and Ms. Peggie) came Saturday night and cooked dinner for us at the condo which was great! We all went for an after dinner boat ride and swim. Hanky came over too, and so of course there were lots of laughs. It is so good being with old friends- there is really nothing like it! It was a fun, low-key weekend and I'm sad it's already over!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Camp Kadohadacho

This week I have been in charge of putting on a day camp for 4th and 5th graders. It is through JA and we worked with some Henderson students to help us with games, etc. It has been what I have been working on all summer long and it was a HUGE success!! Last night was the last night and the kids were so sad it was over. Most cannot swim and have to wear life jackets in the pool, which they LOVED swimming and being in the water. I am absolutely POOPED, but it was time WELL spent and I loved being with these kids so much! One of my favorite girls, Tyra, told me the first night that I had a "good grade of hair" which I have never been told before :) She also braided it for me. I thought I was going to get a french braid, but nope- cornrows!!! Hilarious!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's NURSERY time...

So- our crib and changing table came in tonight and we got to work in our baby's room. We were under the impression the crib came assembled and we somehow dodged that bullet but nope- Franklin put it all together piece by piece. I hear it is a right of passage or something for the dad to put together the crib, so it wasn't too bad. The room is really bare and we still have LOTS to do but I am so excited to have our crib and get the process going. As you can see I have a blanket out, but there isn't even a mattress yet!! I got the chandelier hung and I love it. It is pretty bright but that is what I like. These pics are very preliminary but they are a start and I wanted to share. It got me really excited to have a baby sleeping in that bed soon- well, soonish :)
Lots of love

Sunday, July 13, 2008

1st Baby Shower

Last night some of my high school friends and our mothers got together for a double baby shower for me and my friend Taylor, who is due in November. It was really low key and SO much fun seeing everyone and catching up!! It is amazing to listen to everyone as we are all planning on new jobs, babies, etc. instead of what parties we are going to next weekend :) Baby David Franklin got some really great stuff that his daddy has already put in the closet and organized for him! It was a really special time!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th

We had quite the 4th of July weekend!! Both of our families were in Hot Springs and per Jason's request- we had a day of tubing! Aunt Robbie had a blast and did good! I'm not sure if it was her 1st time or not but I went "SLOW" as I was told. Jason and Lauren, who we met for the 1st time and really like, on the other hand had the need for speed... and waves... and turns! Even Bella and I went on a little stroll on the tube behind the boat, we went VERY SLOW! It was a really fun weekend being together with so many loved ones. We had cookouts, fireworks, boating, swimming. We went to White Bird cove and tied up with Anna, Irby, etc. It was a beautiful day until around 4:00...and we headed for home and out of the rain! Franklin had a great time at Colby's and I had to go home and rest- I am really growing now! We go to our 2nd childbirth class tonight, which are surprisingly fun. We are getting more and more excited about David Franklin coming- we can hardly wait!!!