Monday, March 5, 2018

Valentine's Day parties

Isaac's MDO has parties every day of the week during holidays for the kids that only go 1 day a week- so they won't miss the party.  So most of the kids party hardy and are spent by the time it's said and done.  Or the parents are anyway.  Kudos to them for inclusion, but whew! I painted Nora a Valentine's Day shirt that I think turned out pretty cute!  She loved it.  She and DF's parties were at the same exact time on the same day so I split my time and Mammers filled in during Nora's class party.  DF's party was fun and cute, he had a Valentine this year, Hope Adult.  But they are mostly friends.  The boy in the picture other than Avery punched DF in the stomach and got ISS for two days.  They have since made up, but life of a third grader can be tough! 

Morphews at the farm

When we got back from Houston the Morphews were in Arkansas for a brief time so we headed to the farm for the day for some cousin play.  Bubbles, fishing, swinging and riding toys.  Matilda even got a sleep over with Nora and they loved that! 

Houston Trip

We made the quick trip to Houston a couple of weekends ago to visit Aunt Robbie.  The kids had a blast and we went to the park in her neighborhood, worked on puzzels and games, hung out with Ryan and her new puppy, went to the Children's Museum and the Houston Zoo.  We packed a lot in a short amount of time and had a great visit!  

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ikey baby is 4!!!

Our baby of the family is a now a big kid!  He got a big boy bike to prove it!  He is so much fun, always talking, moving, playing, and if he isn't, he's most likely asleep.  He is rough and wild and does everything full out.  He has no fear, wants to be included in everything, adores his brother and sister, although they can fight with the best of them!   He wanted a "tool" cake and we had a little party at the bumper car/ indoor ropes corse place and he had the best time!  Isaac Watson Bass, you are unique, you add so much joy and life and adventure to our family and we are thankful you made us a Tribe of Five! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Daddy Daughter Dance 2018

Oh what a night!!! Early February back in 18... what a very special night for me.  What a lady, what a night!   Franklin took Nora on the last Daddy Daughter Dance at Lakeside Primary school.  Nora was thrilled, and although I was afraid she wasn't feeling her best and told Franklin I wouldn't be surprised if they came home early he said they stayed for the very last song, which was I thought incredibly cute----- 'Good night sweetheart, goodnight." 

Nora was looking forward to this night and she willed herself healthy, because my intuition was right and she woke up later in the night with a fever.  But this girl loves to dance, she loves to dress up and she loves her daddy, and nothing wsa stopping her.  She looked beautiful and wore new pearl earrings her daddy got her (real--he is wrapped!) and a silver necklace her great grandmother got for her when she was a baby and I've been saving.  A matching bracelet is there from her grandmother too, but we can save that.  Nora won't take the earrings out, or the necklace off and I honestly don't blame her.  She had a great time, with a great daddy and these are the days and the times we (they) will never get back and Franklin won't ever take for granted.  We KNOW, these are the family years and they go quickly by.  We feel them flying past,  and boy are we grateful for this time.  

So here is a side note of something interesting too.  When we saw the class list of Nora's class we didn't recognize one single name.  Boy or girl. I was worried.  I thought we had a good teacher, but we know by now the class is almost just as important as a good teacher. And all of these girls in the pictures from the dance are new friends that Nora has made in her class.  No I don't know a lot of the mommies, they are not in PTO, but I LOVE that this year that Nora has made friends of all kinds, and all walks of life, and I got to just watch it.  No interference from me.  She has great friends, many of whom I am friends with the mothers and we have facilitated a friendship with our daughters.  But these girls, she has made all on her own, and I couldn't be prouder or learn more than I have this year about that. Franklin said she spend most of her time with her classmates.  

This picture is one of my all time favorites.  He is crazy about his girl.  

Meet Zabby the Tabby Cat!

We are new cat people!  A lady at the gym was moving and said who wants the best cat ever?  I have been thinking we need a cat because ever since we moved to the lake, I've been told we needed one.  For one big reason, they keep the snakes away.  Last summer I saw two so since then I've been convinced.  But I had a criteria.  If I was going to get it a cat it needed to fit the following:  Old and trained, friendly and affectionate, indoor/outdoor, snake chaser/killer, preferably no front claws, in good health, and gets along with dogs.
So this is what Amy told me about Zabby- prefers the outdoors, hasn't used her litter box in years, a hunter, declawed, spaded, affectionate and snuggly, grew up with two dogs....  
I was thinking, are you kidding me?   The kids would flip out over a new pet, and this one checks every box I would want and!!!!!  So I said we would try her and guess what, we aren't even 1 week in and we all love her.  Seriously, even Franklin sneaks her treats, and went shopping for her.  Nora has buddied up big time and walks in the door looking for her.  And when Franklin said, kids we need to make sure she gets along with Maple or we will have to get rid of her, no kidding 2 out of three said, get rid of Maple!!!  Their dog for two years has been trumped by an old cat in two days.  Zabby, you are a cool cat, easy and snuggly and friendly and we are thankful you have come to join the Basses.  Now, keep those snakes away and we will be great!