Friday, September 15, 2017

Bass Littles get their second sets of tubes

Everything is better together!  These two shared a hospital bed, and Jello and got their ears all fixed up.  Poor Nora's was horrible and she didn't even complain about it.  I think she'd been living with the pain for so long.  The Doctor said there was dried blood deep in her ear, maybe it ruptured or ripped a while ago and we had no idea.  Isaac got his adenoids out too, which we are hoping all will contribute to keeping them healthy!  Nora woke up with a smile and they both charmed the nurses and didn't miss a beat.  The picture below is when they both had their first sets of tubes as babies.  I really didn't notice how much they looked alike until this pic!  Both bald heads, pacis, eye shape and their feet are positioned the same.  Love them to pieces.  DF got to miss the ear party, tube thing.  Lucky boy!

Texas Girls Weekend

I got invited by my dear friend, Kim to go on a girls trip to Austin to listen to a Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast Live event.  She is a Christian pop culture (ish) Podcaster and while I am not a devoted listener (ok, I've only heard 3) I took this opportunity because it was different and I thought I'd enjoy it.  It was a lot of fun, and we stopped in Waco to shop at the Magnolia Silos, had great dinners, and lots of mommy talks.  Good stuff!

Chicago Wedding Weekend

Franklin and I spent Labor Day weekend in Chicago!  We went for Chad Holwsclaw's wedding and it was wonderful.  We had more fun that weekend than I can remember.  SO many funny people in one place, and the wedding was over the top!  We even had a palate cleanser between courses.  Franklin got to spend time with lots of his Arkadelphia pals and I really enjoyed their wives.  Beth Weiser and I got to go Hamilton and it was phenomenal.  I want to go again and DF is begging to go (he has to get older first).   Great weather, great events, and I even got to meet up with my cousin, Jenny and walk along the beach at Lake Michigan.  Wonderful trip all around, thank you to Meme for keeping the Bass kiddos happy, well and entertained!

Party Hardy

A couple of weeks ago I had a Fallen Movie watch party at my house because Lauren's book Fallen is in a movie and is available to rent/buy on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and more!  It was released in major cities and Little Rock didn't make the cut so we had our own party and it was lots of fun! The next day, we hosted Supper Club and ate outside on the patio by the water, it was fun and perfect weather for it!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017

I checked the big kids out of school today to go to the science museum to view the solar eclipse.  We had a great time with the Halls, eating moon pies, and star crunches, and listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart!  Isaac was napping during the eclipse, but he enjoyed the moon pie!

Monday, August 14, 2017

First Day of School!

All smiles today, even from Momma!  We are all excited and ready to get back to school, and routine.  Even Isaac gave a big hug and no tears at his Mother's Day Out school.

Whoop Whoop!  (DF dressed Ikey for school today and got a hold of his hair... by hold I mean he sprayed his hair spray in it and told him the girls would love it! )   Hahaha

Open House at Lakeside

Nora got Ms. Spaulding and is thrilled! DF got Mrs. Lybrand and Mrs. Scott, he has two teachers this year.  We have heard wonderful things about all of the teachers and are excited about a great year of school! Mammers straightened Nora's hair for the first time and she was feeling pretty cute- and sassy!!   I didn't get a picture with Isaac' teacher Mrs. Liz, but I will work on that!  She is super sweet and we are happy he's with her.