Monday, January 16, 2017

Deer hunting and snow

Franklin took DF and two other father/son duos to George West and the boys went hunting for their first times.  David Franklin got two deer and is hooked, loved every minute of it!!  I am pretty sure Franklin did too :)

While they were away, we had our first snow in Arkansas this winter.  It wasn't much but the littles and I had fun while it lasted!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year's Eve wedding in Chicago

My cousin, Jeff Johnson, got married in Chicago on New Year's Eve and Franklin and I went had so much fun!  It is always great being with that side of the family and those cousins and I don't get to see them often enough, but we have such a strong bond and connection thanks to Grands Ellen who worked hard to create it.  We missed her A LOT but she and David and many others were there in spirit.  It was a traditional Jewish wedding and a beautiful ceremony with lots of neat traditions and heritage.  Even though I missed many on my Johnson side who were not present, I felt loved and secure having Franklin with me, who is always by my side and on my side and I love him dearly.  

Jeff and his lovely bride, Erica.  They are a sweet and happy couple!

Franklin and Kevin (my younger cousin, Julia's boyfriends had to try on the yarmulkes) Kevin is not jewish either, but they couldn't resist seeing how they fit.  When in Rome! 

I love these peeps very much, Jenny and I got told a lot that we look alike and I think she looks a lot like my Grands.  People have always said I look like my Uncle John and they said it over and over again this weekend! 



Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Johnson family Christmas

The Johnsons came down to HS to visit and see us in our new house.  We had a great day, of games, presents and doggies! We were thankful they came to see us right before Christmas! 

Christmas 2016

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, pretty low key and relaxed with HAPPY kiddos!  Santa came, and we got to see lots of family and enjoyed being together!
 Time to put out the reindeer food!

My favorite gift is this necklace that DF made me on his own, wrapped it and put under the tree. A treasure! I wore it proudly!

DF read from the Bible all of Luke 2 and did a terrifc job before opening presents at Meme and Grandpa's house!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Our local celebrity

So Nora made the paper twice this week, and today she was on the front page of the paper!!!!  She keeps saying how she's "famous" :)

Blakely was with her both times so they both are!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Morphew cousin time

The Morphew's were in Arkansas for 2 weeks after Thanksgiving and those cousins got in some GOOD play time!  They wanted to be together as much as possible, and they were.  They made some big messes, had some big laughs and Isaac and Teddy even had some pretty big fights (ha, 2 year olds and sharing!)  We went bowling, to the nail salon, decorated Christmas cookies, went to lunch at Lakeside twice, and made lots of memories! It was so nice to be together for such an extended amount of time and be Aunt Amanda!  Aunt Amanda can be silly and do fun activities and give away chocolate chip cookies!!! :)   I love my family and love my time with them all.