Saturday, October 22, 2016

DFB's Birthday Sleepover

Since we moved in on DF's birthday, he didn't get a party this year, but he got to have 3 friends spend the night the week later.  We had pizza and cookie cake and Franklin took them to Fun Trackers for acrade games and bumper boats.  DF said it was the best birthday ever!  He is such a great kid, and we couldn't love him more!  He has given us 8 blessed years with him in our family.

Sunday afternoon

On Sunday, we decided to play in our new backyard.... the lake.  And we picked up Meme and Grandpa for a stroll with us!  Super fun afternoon!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fayetteville Hogs vs Bama

We got to leave the mess of unpacking and the To Do list a mile long and go to Fayetteville for the Alabama game with Meme and Grandpa!  It was a really fun weekend, perfect weather we were so happy to for the escape!  It was a bad loss, but win or loose a weekend in Fayetteville is always a good time!

Quite a week!

It was Homecoming spirit week last week at Lakeside and the kids had activities, and dressed up every day last week.  It was lots of fun.... for them :)
DF also turned eight years old.  He is so precious to our family, he has a heart of gold and we couldn't love him more or be prouder of him.  God blessed us tremendously with that boy!

We also moved, good gracious that was hard but we are on the lake which is a true dream come true and we are so excited about our new memories to make at our new home!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Nora's broken arm

Well that was a short soccer season... On Saturday morning Nora fell funny and broke both bones in her left arm.  An EMT suggested we take her to Children's Hospital and we did, we got phenomenal care and were amazed at how Nora was cared for.  Nora was so calm and brave and is one tough cookie, she was hardly crying once her daddy scooped her up into his arms.  Franklin is great and calm and brave in a crisis too.  We are so grateful our girl is going to be ok, and the deliveries, candy, visitors and prayers and calls and texts from friends and family have certainly cheered her up!!  She went back to school today and did great.  She gets her splint removed and her cast put on this Friday.  She has already picked out a rainbow color and has markers to take for people to sign it next week.  :)

Flag Football

DF is playing on the Cowboys flag football team again this year, and boy has he improved!!  He is loving the game and his team and it is fun to watch!